Governor's Schools of North Dakota

Summer 2010

Mr Lonnie Hass- Director

Mrs Bertoline AssistantDirector.jpg

Mr Larry Taylor-Mathematics

Ms Brittany Ziegler - Science

Mr Nem Schlecht -Info Tech

Final Info Tech Photo Photo.jpg

Ms Rooth Varland- Performing Arts Coordinator

Ms Cindy Nichols- English Studies Coordinator


Mathematics Department Home Page

Governor Schools INFORMATION



Student Work                       


Fine Arts


Individual weeks schedules


Week one (sample from last year)

English englishWk1

L and L week 1                       LLwk1.doc

Math week 1                           mathwk1.pdf

Sci week1                               sciwk1.pdf  

Performing arts week1         vawk1a.pdf

Infor. Tech. & Management  csmwk1.pdf


Week One 2010

Life and Leadership Week 1LandWk1.pdf

Infor Tech & Management InforTechWk1.pdf

Sci week 1 SciWk1.pdf

Math Week 1mathwk1.pdf

Performing Arts General PerfArtsGen.pdf

Perf Arts Week 1 PerfArtsWk1.pdf

English 3 weeks Schedule English3WkSchedule


Week Two

Life and Leadership Week 2LandWk2.pdf

Infor Tech & Management InforTechWk2.pdf

Sci week 2 SciWk2.pdf

English 3 weeks Schedule English3WkSchedule

Performing Arts General PerfArtsGen.pdf

Perf Arts Week 2 PerfArtsWk2.pdf

Math Week 2mathwk2.pdf


Week Three

Life and Leadership Week 3LandWk3.pdf

Infor Tech & Management InforTechWk3.pdf

Sci week 3 SciWk3.pdf

Math Week 3mathwk3.pdf

English 3 weeks Schedule English3WkSchedule

Performing Arts General PerfArtsGen.pdf


Week Four

Life and Leadership Week 4LandWk4.pdf

Infor Tech & Management InforTechWk4.pdf

Sci week 4 SciWk4.pdf

Math Week 4mathwk4.pdf

Performing Arts General PerfArtsGen.pdf


Week Five

Infor Tech & Management InforTechWk5.pdf

Life and Leadership Week 5LandWk5.pdf

Sci week 5 SciWk5.pdf

Math Week 5mathwk5.pdf

Performing Arts General PerfArtsGen.pdf


Week Six

Life and Leadership Week 6LandWk6.pdf

Infor Tech & Management 6 InforTechWk6.pdf

Sci week 6 SciWk6.pdf



First Weekend FirstWeekend.pdf

Minneapolis Weekend MinneapolisWeekend.pdf

Service Weekend ServiceWeekend.pdf

Service Weekend Meal Teams ServiceWeekendMeals.pdf

Service Weekend Assignments ServiceWeekendAssign.pdf

Recreation and Final Studies Weekend weekend5.pdf

Recreation and Final Studies Weekend Meals mealswk5.pdf


Home for the Fourth               


Art work


Pictures and News    

Cass County Reporter 1 reporter.pdf

Mandan News 1 MandanNews

Can you do this?                                    


Just photos

Pic 1P1.jpg

Pic 2P2.jpg

Pic 3P3.jpg

Pic 4P4.jpg                                                 


More photos

pic 1p1.JPG

pic 2p2.JPG

pic 3p3.JPG

pic 4p4.JPG

pic 5p5.JPG

pic p6.JPG

pic p7.JPG

pic p8.JPG

pic p9.JPG

pic p10.JPG

pic p11.JPG

pic p12.JPG

pic p13.JPG

pic p14.JPG

pic p15.JPG

pic p16.JPG

pic p17.JPG

pic p18.JPG

pic p19.JPG

pic p20.JPG 

pic p21.JPG

pic p22.JPG

pic p23.JPG

pic p24.JPG

pic p25.JPG

pic p26.JPG

pic p27.JPG

pic p28.JPG

pic p29.JPG

pic p30.JPG 

pic p31.JPG

pic p32.JPG

pic p33.JPG

pic p34.JPG

pic p35.JPG               


Fine Arts

Band 1 First Concert band1.jpg 

Band 2 First Concert band2.jpg                          


Group Photo              

Minn Group Photominnphoto.jpg

Group Photo 1groupphoto3.jpg

Group Photo 2groupphoto4.jpg

Master Group Photogroup.jpg



Team 1Team1.jpg

Team 2Team2.jpg

Team 3Team3.jpg

Team 4Team4.jpg

Team 5Team5.jpg

Team 6Team6.jpg


Res Staff

Breanna Bre.jpg

Katie Katie.jpg

Maggie Maggie.jpg

John John.jpg

Jade Jade.jpg

Chris Chris.jpg


Over All Schedule

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