Governor's Schools of North Dakota

Summer 2012 (Most of listiing are now 2012)

Mr Lonnie Hass- Director

Dr. Katherine Bertolini Associate Director

Mr Guy Hokenson-Assistant Director

Ms Samantha Wede-Res Life Coordinator

Ms Kelly Gorz-Events Coordinator

Ms Candida Braun-Science Coordinator

Mr Mohamed Baghzali-Mathematics Coordinator

Mr Nem Schlecht -Info Tech Coordinator

Rooth Varland- Performing Arts Coordinator

Ms Cindy Nichols- English Studies Coordinator


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Fine Arts- Meets on Tues and Thurs Evening... You will be assigned to a section


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English                       English Week ONE

Total Schedule English Studies

L and L Week                           Week 1

L & L Week 2

L & L Week 3

L & L Week 4

L & L Week 5

L & L Week 6

Math                           math week 1

Math week 2

Math week 3

Math week 4

Math week 5

Math week 6

Science                               sciwk1.pdf

Science Wk 2

Science Wk 3

Science Wk 4

Science Wk 5

Science Wk 6

Science Presentations July 13

Performing Arts         Performing Arts week 1

Performing Arts week 2

Performing Arts week 3

Performing Arts Weeks 4 and 5

Touring Schedule (2012)  

Info. Tech. & Management  Information Tech week 1

Information Tech week 2

Information Tech week 3

Information Tech week 4

Information Tech week 5

Information Tech week 6




Week End 1 (2012)  

Week End 2 Minneapolis (2012)  

Week End 3 First Draft... Leaders See Fri evening (2012)  

Week End 4 First Draft (2012)  

Week End 5 First Draft (2012)  

Last Days Together (2012)  



There is some ride sharing on the 4th weekend



GS in the News

GS in the News #2


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Fine Arts


Group Photo              



GS 2012 Art Institue

GS 2012 Team Leaders

GS 2012 Last Week Together

GS 2012 Last Week Together Number Code

At Closing... Super Hero's

At Closing... Super Hero's


Science Team by the wall

Science Team with Redhawks Mascot

Science students with Gov. at Gov. School

Perf Arts - Mr. Hass?

Perf Arts-- Tired out

Perf Arts--Building Friendships

Perf Arts--Playing in the parking lot

Perf Arts--Boys playing the part

Perf Arts--Ready for the awards

Various Disciplines.. Hanging out

Various Disciplines.. By Some art

Various Disciplines.. Our Trip..Photo shot

Various Disciplines.. Our Trip..Plants

Various Disciplines.. Our Trip..Plants

Various Disciplines.. Our Trip..Behind the mask

Various Disciplines.. Our Trip..At the fish tank

Various Disciplines.. Our Trip..Skyline

Various Disciplines.. Our Trip..Over view

Various Disciplines.. Our Trip..Photo Op

Various Disciplines.. Our Trip..I see you

Various Disciplines.. Our Trip..William sleeping with George the monkey

Various Disciplines.. Our Trip..Real Land Sharks

Various Disciplines.. Our Trip..With Alex

Math team... heading out

Math team... collecting pictures

Math team... Collection made

Math team... fountain ?

Math team... Collecting picture pts with Mr.Hass

Math team... Collecting Star Wars stuff

Math team... Math Spelling with people

Math team... Dr. Hladky

Math team... Dr. Comez

Math team... Mr. Baghzali

X Men Sharing a treat


Student Handbook

2012 Handbook-2012


Closing Sessions

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Team Pictures

English Team

Math Team

Science Team

Information Tech Team

Performing Arts Team

Traveling Show

Performing Arts on the Road (week 6)

Res Staff










Over All Schedule 2012- Dates given

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