Governor's Schools of North Dakota

Summer 2013 (Many sample listiing are from 2012)

Mr. Lonnie Hass- Director

Dr. Katherine Bertolini Associate Director

Dr. Jeff Boyer Associate Director

Mr. Guy Hokenson-Assistant Director

Ms. Samantha Wede-Res Life Coordinator

Mr. Ryan Niemann-Events Coordinator

Ms. Candida Braun-Science Coordinator

Mr. Mohamed Baghzali-Mathematics Coordinator

Mr. Nem Schlecht -Info Tech Coordinator

Ms. Suzanne Legatt- Visual Arts Coordinator

Ms. Cindy Nichols- English Studies Coordinator

Ms. Linda Hauge- L & L Coordinator


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Fine Arts- Meets on Tues and Thurs Evening... You will be assigned to a section


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Individual week schedules



English                       English Week ONE to Week Six 2013 listing

L and L                           Week 1 2013 listing

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Weekend of Service

Week 5

Week 6

Engineering                           Engineering week 2 (new listing)

Engineering week 3

Engineering week 4

Engineering week 5

Engineering week 6

Math                           Math week 1 2013 listing

Math week 2

Math week 3

Math week 4

Math week 5

Math week 6

Science                               sci week 1(NEW for 2013)

sci week 2

sci week 3

sci week 4

sci week 5

sci week 6

Visual Arts         Visual Arts week 1 2013 listing

Visual Arts week 2

Visual Arts week 3

Visual Arts week 4

Visual Arts week 5

Visual Arts week 6

Info. Tech. & Management  Information Tech week 1(New for 2013)

Information Tech week 2

Information Tech week 3

Information Tech week 4

Information Tech week 5

Information Tech week 6




Week End 1 First of 2013    Week End 2 IN Minneapolis    Week End 3 IN Fargo.. Study and Have Fun    Week End 4 IN Fargo.. Service to Community    Week End 5 Final Weekend Together... Canoe.. The Crow Wing   

There is some ride sharing on the 4th weekend



Random Pictures of our days together    

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Pictures of our Food Drive    

Van 1

Van 2

Van 2 with food.. In big box behind them

Van 3

Van 3 with their collection

Van 4

Van 5

Van 5 with food

Van 6

Van 6 after the food drive

Service at Ronald McDonald House    

Cooking 1

Cooking 2

Cooking 3

Cooking 4

Cooking all of the staff

Our Outing on the River    

Canoe Picture 1

Canoe Picture 2

Canoe Picture 3


Fine Arts


Student Handbook

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Closing Sessions

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Team Pictures

Information Tech





Visual Arts

Group Photos

Trip to Minneapolis Final Group Picture

Res Staff

Calla Andrea Austin Kiki Paige Robele Samantha


Staff along to Minneapolis

Staff along to Minneapolis again

Over All Schedule 2013- Dates given

                            Our weeks ahead

Our Last Two Days of Celebration;   

Thurs Evening July 11

Fri Evening July 12

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