North Dakota State University, Fargo, N.D.

The ND Governor's Schools are now offering Engineering, Agriculture, and Architecture programs!.

The English program has been expanded to six weeks!

Attention Prospective Students: North Dakota Governor's School is a summer program for North Dakota high school students and is tuition-free for students attending ND public schools.

Attention ND Governor's School Alumni: We have created an alumni survey polling for input concerning reunions. The survey can be found here. Thank you for your input.

An informative video that emphasizes the hazards of texting while you drive. Texting while driving (more specifically, the sending of any electronic messages while driving) is now illegal in North Dakota; but, it remains a commonplace behavior amongst younger drivers. This behavior is dangerous and puts everyone at risk. This video illustrates the risk and the ripple impact of this behavior. Watch the video

2014 Governor's School promotional resources available below

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Governor's School
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Governor's School
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Download the PowerPoint presentation created by 2012 Governor's School Students

Video produced by the 2009 Governor's School visual arts students.

PowerPoint produced by a 2008 Governor's School student.