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Secrets of Success in Graduate School

While each individual is different, there are a few tips that should help anyone seeking their graduate degree. First is planning. There are several steps that need to be takien in order to complete your degree. Familiarize yourself with the required paperwork and timelines to avoid issues down the road. Resources available for planning include the Graduate Bulletin,  Department Handbook, a Student Service Associate and the NDSU Graduate School web site.  All forms required are available at

Get to know other students. Students provide a support system that will help you not only with moral support, but possibly advice regarding your department, NDSU and the Graduate School.Use your resources. Your adviser, department and the Graduate School want you to be successful. Utilize them when you need assistance. There are also other resources on campus to help: the Center for Writers, Counseling Center, etc.

Memorize your student ID number. You will need this number to identify yourself when contacting departments on campus.

The NDSU Grad Leaders (administrators and leaders of graduate programs) were asked to provide a piece of advice for new graduate students. Read what they have to say.

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Admission Status

Full admission status
These students have met all requirements for admission and have been accepted by a program leading to a graduate degree. A student must have full graduate standing to receive a graduate degree.

Conditional admission status may be granted to an applicant who does not satisfy the formal university requirements for full admission status and/or have deficiencies in prerequisite course work but show potential for successful graduate study.

To become full-standing status, a student must: 

  • complete at least nine semester credit hours of graded graduate-level courses as a graduate student,
  • complete prerequisite course work assigned by the admitting department, and 
  • earn a cumulative grade point average of B or above (3.00).

Any student admitted in CONDITIONAL status is automatically placed on academic WARNING until the conditions of admission are met. If a student on academic warning fails to achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in the subsequent semester of attendance, the student will be placed on academic probation. The student may not earn more than 12 semester hours of graduate credit while in conditional status.

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Final Transcripts

Students who were admitted prior to completion of their last study should arrange to have their final official academic record and proof of any degree earned sent to the Graduate School.   These documents must be received before a student may register for courses.

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Important Policies

While it is important to familiarize yourself with Graduate School and NDSU policies, here are a few of the most important policies of which to be aware. There is also a Code of Student Behavior by which students must abide.

Scholastic Standards
To be in academic good standing and to receive a graduate degree, a student must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0.

Continuous Enrollment
Students are required to register for at least one credit each semester (fall and spring) until all degree requirements are completed, including submitting final copies of a thesis, paper, or dissertation. The graduate dean will not approve the degree until the student has registered for the number of credits of research for any semesters not covered by either registration or leave of absence, but not more than four (4) credits total.

A student who has not registered for longer than a continuous two-year period must also reapply for admission and is subject to the degree requirements at the time of readmission.

Leave of Absence
Students who interrupt their graduate program prior to the completion of all degree requirements must maintain continuous enrollment for the Fall and/or Spring Semesters of the absence or obtain a leave of absence, using the Request for Leave of Absence from Graduate Studies form. Leaves of absence do not amend in any way the seven and ten-year time limitations.


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Calendars/Dates and Deadlines

NDSU and the Graduate School have many dates and deadlines in which paper work must be submitted, tuition paid, etc. Please check the NDSU calendar and the Graduate School homepage regularly for this information.

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The NDSU Libraries serve the information needs of North Dakota State University students, faculty and staff. Librarians are available to provide services for specific academic disciplines. Find the Subject Librarian for your department by calling the Reference Desk  at (701) 231-8886.  In addition to the main library, libraries are available at the following locations:

The Barry Hall Library supports the learning and research needs of the students and faculty of the North Dakota State University College of Business and Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics.  It also serves the greater North Dakota State University community and general public.

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection archives provide many resources for scholarly research, including family histories, information on ethnic culture and food ways, maps and specialized collections from donors/historians.

Haakenson Health Sciences Library supports the learning and research needs of the students and faculty of the North Dakota State University College of Pharmacy, Nursing & Allied Sciences. It also serves the greater North Dakota State University community and general public.

The Institute for Regional Studies and the NDSU University Archives have complementary but slightly different collecting focuses. Both support the research needs of the undergraduate, graduate students, faculty and other scholars at North Dakota State University and beyond. In addition the University Archives serves as a major historical information source for campus offices.

Klai Juba Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library supports the learning and research needs of the students and faculty of the North Dakota State University Architecture and Landscape Architecture Department. It also serves the greater North Dakota State University community and general public.

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The NDSU Bookstore is a full-service college bookstore.  The bookstore is the official source of NDSU Course Materials.  They sell every book for every class.  The textbook department is located in the lower level of the store.  All art and office supplies needed on campus for students, faculty and staff are available.  The bookstore also carries NDSU imprinted clothing, gifts and novelties.  The bookstore is unique in that it is an authorized seller of Dell and Apple computers.  The Electronics department also features a service technician to assist customers in using their computer.  Attached the store is the Herd Shop.  The Herd Shop sells a wide variety of beverages, snacks, candy as well as health and beauty aids. The NDSU Bookstore is located on the main floor in Memorial Union and is open to the public.

NDSU Bookstore2 is located in the atrium of  Barry Hall in the NDSU Downtown Campus. NDSU Bookstorecarries supplies and course materials specifically for the classes offered at the downtown campus plus office supplies, NDSU gifts and snacks and beverages

NDSU Bookstore at CityScapes is a general book store with a self-serve coffee/cappuccino machine, soft drinks, snacks and cafe tables and chairs.  Located in downtown Fargo, the store carries best sellers, university presses, children's books and more.  In addition, the Espresso Book Machine, which can print soft cover books. 

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