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Goals for 2013-2014

Prepared by Virginia Clark Johnson, Dean

The mission of the College of Human Development and Education at North Dakota State University is to provide educational programs and conduct research and other scholarly activities that focus on the lives of individuals and their families as they interact in work, educational and living environments.  Visions for the College include:

  • To provide programs that meet the current and future needs of students and society.
  • To provide quality academic environments which facilitate the effectiveness and efficiency of resources and people.
  • To serve the diverse educational needs of a global audience through the use of technology as enhancement or delivery method in the teaching and learning environment.
  • To contribute to the enhancement of economic development in North Dakota utilizing research and discipline-based information.

All of these visions are important to our work in the College of Human Development. However, the goals that have been identified reflect our areas of focus for this academic year. (Goals that are in bold print should be a part of all unit goals.) Goals identified for 2013-2014 include:

1)    Continue to strengthen the research capacity of the College.

  • Increase the number of research related grants submitted by faculty.
  • Increase the number of research related grants awarded to faculty.
  • Continue to increase the number of refereed publications by faculty.
  • Develop a plan for assessing, tracking, and enhancing the quality of research publications.
  • Identify additional sources of funding for graduate assistants.
  • Increase involvement of undergraduates and graduate students in research.
  • Identify a long range plan for meeting research space needs.

2)    Increase the image and visibility of the college and programs in the college.

  • Continue to identify benchmarks that can be used to measure our programs against national standards; identify a roadmap for working toward/reaching those standards.
  • Update/revise college and unit websites as needed:  work with other web sites where our programs are described to encourage use of links to reduce incorrect information.
  • Revise format of monthly Causes for Celebration; consider new format for annual publication, HDE Headlines.

3)    Review the match between curriculum, enrollment and resources to ensure that we continue to offer quality, cutting-edge, competency-based programs.

  • Complete campaign to raise $900,000 for renovation of the Food Production Laboratory Complex.
  • Facilitate changes in the Sports and Recreation Leadership program with the long-range goal of national accreditation.
  • Facilitate the transition from a Couple and Family Therapy Masters program to a doctoral program.
  • Identify enrollment targets for all programs that do not have targets and identify specific enrollment criteria; develop plans and timelines for reaching those targets.
  • Identify program plans for retention and completion.
  • Identify opportunities for expanding courses and programs offered that are self-supporting.

4)    Increase opportunities for faculty, staff and students to experience diversity in a variety of settings (cultural, international….).

  • Continue to expand /formalize research and program international collaborations.
  • Increase diversity (international and domestic) in graduate programs.

5)  Promote and provide resources to assist with faculty, staff and student professional development.

  • Work with Associate Deans to provide professional development that supports achievement of college goals and increases faculty and staff success.
  • Continue to promote Work Life Balance.

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