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NOTICE:  New Doctoral Programs in the College of Human Development and Education. We are excited to announce three new doctoral programs in Human Development and Education. Beginning in the Spring of 2013, we will no longer admit new students to our Human Development Doctoral Program. Our three tracks in Human Development (Wellness, Counselor Education, and Gerontology) are evolving into separate doctoral programs in:

  • Exercise Science and Nutrition
  • Counselor Education
  • Gerontology (Dual-Title program)

We are in the process of redesigning our website to reflect these changes and we appreciate your patience. For information on these new programs, you can currently contact the following program leaders:
Dr. Bryan Christensen, Exercise Science and Nutrition

Dr. Joel Hektner, Developmental Science
Dr. Brenda Hall, Counselor Education
Dr. Tom Hall, Gerontology (Dual-Title program)

The College of Human Development and Education at North Dakota State University offers a doctoral degree program in Human Development. The purpose of the program is to train doctoral students in three areas of Human Development:

The program is a unique interdisciplinary approach that produces professionals with strong skills in research, teaching and service. Students take a core of human development and research courses and focus on one of the three tracks.

The purpose of the Wellness Track is to prepare researcher/scholars, leaders, and teachers in the health and wellness promotion area. The focus of this track is on physical activity, health and wellness promotion (disease prevention, quality of life promotion, and enhancement of well being). Besides physical activity, sound nutrition and management of stress are also studied.

Ph.D. graduates in the Counselor Education Track  have four major career areas open to them. The major areas are: higher education faculty positions; higher education counseling centers, counseling and supervision; public school counseling, public and private agencies, counseling and supervision; and director of counseling in large school districts. (Download Counselor Ed brochure)

The Applied Gerontology Track prepares students for careers in gerontology education and research and for working directly with older persons and services. (Download Gerontology brochure)

Download the Doctoral Student Handbook

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: For FALL consideration completed applications should be received by February 1. Applications received after this date will be considered on a space-available basis. Application information can be found at this web site:

Additional application requirements are required for the Counselor Education track.

Additional application requirements are required for the Wellness Track.

For further information and application materials, contact (701) 231-8211.

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