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Researcher(s)UnitPoster Title
Krystal Kalliokoski, Selvakumar Sermadurai, Rajendran Saravana Kumar, Mukund SibiEDUCSynthesis of Monomers from Hydroxymethyl Furfural and Furan Dicarboxylic Acid
Austin Schmidt, Ben Olson, Evan Zacharias, Kyle HackneyHNESChange in Contraction Velocity and Skeletal Muscle Swelling During Compression Resistance Exercise

Ben Olson, Austin Schmidt, Evan Zacharias, Kyle Hackney


Association Between Whole Blood Lactate and the Perceptual Responses to Compression Resistance Exercise

Bethany WaiwaioleHNESLeisure Preferences by State
Kendra MeyerHNESHigh School Sport Participation
Kelsey CasselleHNESWhy Students Attend Bison Football
Christiane Berdan, ATC, ATR, LAT and Kara Gange, Ph.D., ATC, LATHNESThe Effect of 2 MHz Ultrasound on Intramuscular Temperature at 1.5, 2.5 and 3 cm Depths

Erika Beseler Thompson

EDUCAcademic Collegiate Enhancement: The Impact of Group-Facilitated Peer Tutoring on Undergraduate Student Academic Achievement

Joshua L. Boe and Rebecca J. Woods, Ph.D.


Early Childhood Toy Preferences: Parents' Influence on Gender-Typed Toy Preferences

Alison Brennan, Brandy Randall, and Molly Secor-TurnerHDFS

 External Developmental Assets and Rural Adolescent Mental Health

Cindy L., Marihart, M.A., Angela A. Geraci, MPH, and Ardith R. Brunt, PhD, RD


Bariatric Surgery for Older Adults: A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Outcomes

Ramona Danielson, M.S., Jordyn Wallenborn, M.P.H., and Donald Warne, M.D., M.P.H


Health Disparities Among American Indians in North Dakota Begin Prenatally:  Risk Factors and Birth Outcomes

Jordyn Wallenborn and Karen Olson


Child Abuse and Neglect in North Dakota

Heather M. Fahsl, Pamela J. Hansen, and Shannon L. DavidHDFS

The Forgotten Disease:  A Rare Case of Lemierre's Syndrome in a Male Division I Collegiate Football Player

Barbara Hutchison, MS, Eleanor K. Covan, PhD, Janet C. Bogus, AuD, PhD, Claudette Peterson, EdD, and Brent Hill, PhDHDE

Presbycusis:  Can You Hear the Music of Life?

Maegan Jones, and Beth Blodgett Salafia


Parental relationship quality as a predictor of adolescent girls' and boys' bulimic symptoms

Steven K. Kiphuth and Shannon L. David, PhD, ATC, PESHNESDivision One Football Player With Conservative Treatment of Acute Appendicitis

Nathan Kleppe and Nicole German


Abdominal Muscle Tear in a Collegiate Volleyball Player

Courage Mudzongo and Brandy RandallHDFS

Missionaries' Perspectives of Short Term Mission Trip Participation

Meg Pulkrabek, RD, LRD, Dr. Yeong Rhee, Dr. Penelope Gibbs, Dr. Clifford Hall, and Dr. Elizabeth Blodgett SalafiaHNES

Flaxseed and buckwheat supplemented diets altered bacterial populations in the cecum and feces of mice

Christina Smestad and Beth Blodgett Salafia


The relationship between dating and body image in adolescence

M.T. Suffolk


Muscle Madness. Psychobehavioral Characteristics of Competitive Bodybuilders A Longitudinal Study.

Jennifer R. Wenner, B.A. and Brandy A. Randall, Ph.D.


A Multidimensional View of Prosocial Behavior Correlates among Late Adolescents:  The Role of Gender

Tara Rava Zolnikov, MS ScM


Economic Benefits of Implemented Water Interventions in the Developing World:  A Qualitative Study in Kitui, Kenya

Tara Rava Zolnikov, MS ScMHDFS

Understanding the Social Effects from Implemented Water Interventions in the Developing World:  A Qualitative Study in Kitui, Kenya

Joan Nagel, Yeong Rhee, Sherri Stastny, Ardith Brunt, and Elizabeth Blodgett-Salafia


Survey of Registered Dieticians' Proficiency of Celiac Disease (CD) and use of Twitter, Facebook, Smart Phone, and Internet for CD Management

Kristen Fosness and Nicole GermanHNES Salter Harris II Fracture of the Distal Tibial Growth Plate and Spiral Fibular Fracture Accompanying an Anterior Distal Tibial Growth Plate Dislocation in an Adolescent Gymnast: A Case Study
Matthew Borowski and Nicole GermanHNESAcetabular Labral Tear as a Result of Femoroacetabular Impingement in a Collegiate Baseball Player

Nicholas Fischer, Pamela Hansen, and Shannon David

HNESGrade IV Splenic Laceration in Male High School Football Player
Rachel Kirmis, Pam Hansen and Shannon DavidHNES Intrasheath Peroneal Subluxation and Peroneus Brvis Tear in Female Gymnast
Rashidat Moreira, Melissa O'Connor, Amanda O'Connor, Brianna Gunderson, Susan McFaddenHDFSAge Differences in Attitudes Toward Dementia in North Dakota
Tom Carlson, Christi McGeorge and R.B. ToomeyHDFSEstablishing the Validity of the Spirituality in Clinical Training Scale
Christi McGeorge, Tom Carlson and R.B. ToomeyHDFSThe Ethics of Conversion Therapy: Family Therapists' Beliefs
Ardith Brunt, Lisa Berdahl and Sherri StastnyHNESThe Relationships of Eating Mindfulness and Demographic Characteristics, Physical Activity, and Focus on Academic Major Among College Students
Sherri Stastny, Jill Keith, Julie Garden-Robinson and Clifford Hall IIIHNESFlash-Frying vs. Deep-Fat Frying: Fat Content and Sensory Evaluation of Fish Fried Using Two Methods
Julie Garden-Robinson, Beverly Gravdahl, Rita UssatisHNESFaithCommunitiesAlive! Engages 20 Congregations in Health-Related Initiative
Julie Garden-Robinson, Kim Beauchamp, Kelly Burdett, Mary Jean HunterHNES"Renewal at Standing Rock" Curriculum Promotes Food Safety
Stacy Wang and Julie Garden-RobinsonHNES"Kids in the Garden" Curriculum Promotes Learning and Improved Nutrition

Molly Secor-Turner, Brandy Randall and Courage Mudzongo

HDFSBarriers and Facilitators of Adolescent Health in Rural Kenya
Brandy Randall, Sharon Query, Rachelle Vettern and Jennifer WennerHDFSAn Overview of Sexting by Rural Youth: What Type, With Whom, How Much, and Why
Beth Blodgett-Salafia, Emily Haugen and Shauna EricksonHDFSPerceptions of the Causes of Eating Disorders: A Comparison of Individuals With and Without Eating Disorders
Beth Blodgett-Salafia, Sarah McDougall, and Shauna EricksonHDFSThe Roles of Maternal Warmth and Knowledge in Adolescents' Bulimic Symptoms
Beth Blodgett-Salafia and Maegan JonesHDFSParental Pressure to be Thin as a Mediator of the Relation Between Parental Warmth and Adolescent Girls' Drive for Thinness
Joel HektnerHDFSEffectiveness of Early Risers Conduct Problems Prevention Program when Implemented by a Community Partner
Shannon DavidHNESDevelopment of the Patient-AT Trust Instrument
Rebecca WoodsHDFSInfant's Object Representations of Pattern from Light and Pigment
Sergio Loch, Draga Vidakovic, Jeff Suzuki, William Martin, Christopher McClureEDUCLINE: Linear Algebra in New Environments



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