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Rebecca Woods, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences, was  interviewed for an article entitled  “Baby Talk: Step Right Up” published in the October 2014 issue of the WebMD magazine. She was also interviewed about her 2013 article in Developmental Psychology, “Posture support improves object individuation in infants” by a reporter from Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany's largest daily newspaper with a circulation of about 420.000.


Lyn DeLorme, Occupational and Adult Education graduating class of 2014, recently presented at the 2014 Annual Conference of the American Indigenous Research Association. In her presentation titled, "Quilting a Journey: Decolonizing Instructional Design," Dr. DeLorme discussed how she utilized autoethnography to identify culturally relevant instructional design practices.


Jeongdoo Park, Assistant Professor, Apparel, Design, and Hospitality Management, had a manuscript, titled “Consequences of Greenwashing: Consumers’ Reactions to Hotels’ Green Initiatives” accepted for publication in International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (IJCHM), and a conference paper, titled “Common Method Bias in Hospitality Business Research: A Critical Review of the Literature and an Empirical Study” accepted for a stand-up presentation at the Annual Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism in Tampa.  Both papers were coauthored with colleagues at Washington State University.


Beth Blodgett Salafia, Associate Professor in Human Development and Family Sciences and former graduate student, Mallary Schaefer, had their article accepted for publication in Eating Behaviors. The article will appear in the December edition of the journal and was titled, “The connection of teasing by parents, siblings, and peers with girls’ body dissatisfaction and boys’ drive for muscularity: The role of social comparison as a mediator.”


Ronald Buck and Brad Strand, Professor, Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Sciences, had a paper titled "Dance: The connection between body and mind" published in the Louisiana AHPERD Journal. Buck is a second year MS student in the HNES Leadership in Physical Education and Sport option.


Counselor Education faculty members Brenda Hall, Professor, Jim Korcuska and Jill Nelson, Associate Professors, and seven Ph.D. students in counselor education and supervision attended the North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision in St. Louis, Oct. 23-25.  Presentations were as follows:

“Integrating Relational Cultural Theory into Group Counselor Training” by Irene Harper, Brenda Hall, and James Korcuska; “Addressing Shame and Shame Resilience: Helping Students Overcome Perfectionism” by Jill R. Nelson and Amber B. Gorman; “Integrating Relational Cultural Theory into Counselor Education, Supervision, and Practice” by Natalie Leer, Brenda Hall, and Jessica Brown; “Implementing Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Trauma in Schools” by Amy Nathe and Julie Smith); “Going to the Dogs: At-Risk Youth’s Experiences of Canine Animal – Assisted Therapy” by Amber Bach-Gorman; “Integrating Principles of RCT into Chemical Dependent Treatment for Males” by Jessica Brown, Brenda Hall, and Natalie Leer; “Wellness Achievement and Practice for Graduate Students” by Kadie-Ann Caballero-Dennis and Irene Harper.


Holly Bastow-Shoop, Professor/Unit Head and Ann Braaten, Assistant Professor, Apparel, Design, and Hospitality Management, were interviewed by Helmut Schmidt, of The Forum, to help explain the disconnect between fashion change and school dress codes for the article “Form-fitting pants leave schools in a tight spot:  ND school shows ‘Pretty Women’ clip during dress code meeting”, Oct. 1, 2014, pp. A1 and A 12.


Rikki Jensen, an undergraduate student in Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design, has been accepted to study abroad at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, Spring Semester of 2015.  She is the recipient of an NDSU Miles Scholarship to cover transportation costs to and from Korea.


The following abstracts were published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (114 v9) and presented at the national meeting (FNCE), Atlanta, GA in October: 

Stastny, S., and Keith, J. (2014). Added sugars in foods: Identification and education to consumers;

Keith, J., Stastny, S., and Brunt, A. (2014). Life skills at a tribal college: addressing college retention and self-efficacy for healthy choices for American Indian college students. 

Brunt, A., Rhee, Y., Fisk, P.S., and Caldarone, M. (2014). Dietary intake trends of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium over 12 years. [Abstract]. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 114, Suppl 2. A-50.

Authors of these publications included: Sherri Stastny and Ardith Brunt, Associate Professors; Yeong Rhee, Professor; Jill Keith; Doctoral Student; Paul Fisk, M.S. graduate; and Michelle Caldarone, M.S. student.






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