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Vision Insurance

NDSU offers employees the option to purchase vision insurance for themselves and their family. 

Superior Vision

Monthly Premiums

Employee Only


Employee & Spouse


Employee & Child(ren)


Family (employee, spouse, & children)



Comprehensive Eye Exam


(Materials co-pay applies to lenses and/or
frames, not contact lenses.)


Contact Lens Fitting


Plan Services




Comprehensive Eye Exam: 

- Ophthalmologist (MD)

Covered in Full

Up to $45

- Optometrist (OD)

Covered in Full

Up to $45

Standard Lenses (Per Pair): 

- Single Vision

Covered in Full

Up to $35

- Bifocal

Covered in Full

Up to $50

- Trifocal

Covered in Full

Up to $70

- Lenticular

Covered in Full

Up to $70

- Progressives

Covered to providers

retail trifocal amount 

Up to $70

Frames - Standard2

Up to $75

Up to $40

Contact Lenses (Per Pair):

- Medically Necessary

Covered in Full

Up to $210

- Elective2

Up to $100

Up to $100

Contact Lens Fitting:4

- Standard

Covered in Full

Not Covered

- Specialty

Up to $50

Not Covered

1 All in-network and out-of-network allowances are at the retail value.

2 The insured is responsible for paying any charges in excess of this allowance.

3 Contact lenses are in lieu of eyeglass lenses and frames benefit.

4 Standard contact lens fitting applies to an existing contact lens user who wears disposable, daily wear, or extended wear lenses only. The specialty contact lens fitting applies to new contact lens wearers and/or a member who wears toric, gas permeable, or multi-focal lenses.

Plan Frequency

Comprehensive Exam

1 per calendar year

Contact Lens Fitting

1 per calendar year

Contact Lenses

1 allowance per calendar year


1 per calendar year


1 pair per calendar year

For assistance using your plan:

Superior Vision Customer Service:


Find In-Network Providers:

Please visit Superior Vision’s website at and click on the map to locate a provider.


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