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NDSU employees reminded of benefits

Published: 07 April 2009
created by Sadie Anderson

Brittnee Steckler, benefits coordinator in the Office of Human Resources and Payroll, is reminding NDSU employees of available benefits to help flood victims cope with the recent natural disaster.

“The Village Business Institute’s Employee Assistance Program provided with your benefit package through NDSU is a confidential, independent program that offers professional guidance, consultation and counseling in a number of areas. The services are provided free of charge to covered employees and all their household members,” Steckler said in an e-mail to the NDSU community.

The Village offers the following financial advice for flood victims:
As floodwaters have entered our communities, residents may have numerous financial concerns. Some may be temporarily unable to make scheduled payments on their credit bills, while others may face expensive repair costs not covered by insurance.

If you do not receive billing statements or if flood-related expenses make paying your monthly bills difficult, contact your creditors as soon as possible. Do not assume they are automatically aware of the situation in your area. Most creditors will work with you if you notify them about your circumstances. Do not let a missed payment go beyond 30 days without contacting the creditor.

If you use credit cards to pay for needed repairs, use cards or accounts that have the lowest interest rates. Don’t let yourself be tempted to obtain new credit to pay bills you’ve had for some time.

Photograph flood damage for insurance claims and tax deductions. Keep records of cleaning expenses.

If you have flood insurance, auto insurance or household insurance, file the appropriate claims with your insurance agent or company. If you have trouble locating your insurance agent, contact the Department of Commerce-Market Insurance Division at 1-800-657-3602 (Minnesota residents only) or (651) 296-2488. You also can call the National Flood Insurance Hotline at 1-800-427-4661.

If you have questions or problems paying your bills and need information on how to prevent post-disaster financial troubles, call The Village Business Institute’s Employee Assistance Program at 1-800-627-8220.

The Village offers the following advice for dealing with stress from the flood:
A natural disaster such as a flood not only leaves a trail of property destruction in its wake, but many times it leaves its victims with a destroyed sense of balance. In addition to restoring buildings and replacing material possessions, victims may need to devote time to restoring their own emotional equilibrium.

For more information, contact Steckler at or 1-8965. To contact The Village, call 1-800-627-8220.

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