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Q:  What is Industrial Engineering & Management?

A:  Industrial Engineering as a science integrates mathematics, sciences, and engineering to design, develop, test, improve, optimize, and solve problems.  Industrial Engineering is about bringing together people, facilities, money, and other resources to help businesses work better and more efficiently. They make significant contributions to their employers by implementing LEAN principles and saving the company money while, at the same time, striving for a more pleasant workplace for fellow workers.

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Q: Who hires Industrial Engineers?

A:  The term industrial leads some to believe IEs only work in manufacturing settings. However, nothing could be further from the truth. IEs work in industries ranging from healthcare, information systems, and service industries. A variety of companies spanning many different industries have hired IMEs in the past three years.

Companies hiring Industrial Engineers:

3M Corporation - Forest City, IA
ABF Freight Systems - Fort Smith, AK
Accenture - New York, NY
AGCO Equipment Co. -Duluth, GA
Agilent Technologies - Loveland, CO
Ameritech - Indianapolis, IN
Amity Technology - Fargo, ND
Bell Helicopter -Fort Worth, TX
Bobcat - West Fargo;Bismarck;Gwinner, ND
Boeing Corporation -Chicago, IL
Boston Scientific -Minneapolis, MN;Massachusetts
B.u.z. Manufacturing -Carrington, ND
Cargill Inc. -Fargo, ND
Case IH - Fargo, ND
Caterpillar Inc. -Illinois;North Dakota
Cerner - Kansas City, MO
Cessna - Witchita, KS
Cirrus Design Corp. -Duluth, MN
Cloverdale Foods Co. -Mandan, ND
Composite America -Fargo, ND
Crescent Electric Supply Co. - East Dubuque, IL
Crown Plastics - Harrison, OH
Cummins Engine Co. - Columbus, IN
Custom Fab Solutions, LLC - Chanhassen, MN
Dakota Molding - Fargo, ND
Digi-Key Corp. -  Thief River Falls, MN
DMI Industries.- West Fargo, ND; Tulsa, OK; Ft. Erie, Ontario, Canada
Dura Supreme Inc. - Howard Lake, MN
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.- Daytona Beach, FL; Phoenix, AZ
Fargo Assembly Co. - Fargo, ND
Federal Express - Worldwide Locations
Ford Motor Company -Dearborn, MI
Gremada Industries - West Fargo, ND
Hitchcock Industries Inc. -  Minneapolis, MN
Honeywell - Minneapolis, MN
Infinity Windows - Fargo, ND
Integrity Windows - Fargo, ND
Intermountain Health Care - Salt Lake City, UT
Jennie-O - Willmar, MN
John C Stennis Space Center -Stennis Space Center, MS
Landscape Structures, Inc - Delano, MN
Lockheed Martin - Bethesda, MD
Mastercraft Cabinets, Inc - Aurora, CO
McHugh Software - Eden Prairie, MN
Medcenter One Health Systems - Bismarck, ND
Mercury Marine Outboards - Fondulac, WI
Meritcare Medical Center - Fargo, ND
Mirro - Mantowok, WI
Morey's Fish Co - Motley, MN
NDSU Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE)- Fargo, ND
Nilfisk Advance Inc. - Blaine, MN
O'Day Equipment, LLC - Fargo, ND
PEAK Industries - Longmont, CO
Pella Corporation - Pella, IA
Phoenix International - Fargo, ND
Pillsbury Company - Minneapolis, MN
Premier, Inc. -California; North Carolina; Pennsylvania; Washington, D.C.
PrimeWood, Inc - Wahpeton, ND
Progress Casting Group - Plymouth, MN
Red Prairie Corp. - Waukesha, WI
Riverway Clinics - Coon Rapids, MN
Saint-Gobain/Norton Industrial Ceramic Corp.- Worcester, MA
Steffes Corporation - Dickinson, ND
Supervalu Distribution Center - Fargo, ND
Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare -Tallahassee, FL
Tecton Corporation - Fargo, ND
Trane Co - LaCrosse, WI
TRW Aeronautical Systems - Jamestown, ND
Turtle Mountain Corporation - Dunseith, ND
United Parcel Service - Minneapolis, MN
US Air Force -Pentagon, Washington, D.C. (HQ)
US Postal Service-Washington, D.C. (HQ)
Vansco Electronics Inc. - Valley City, ND
Velocimed - Maple Grove, MN
Vision Ease Lens -Ramsey, MN

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Q:  How big is the IE program?

A: The IE&M program at NDSU is one of the top 10 largest industrial engineering programs in the nation!

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Q:  Why don't you hear more about IEs?

A:  After being hired, industrial engineers are often given other job descriptions, such as process engineer, manufacturing engineer, quality engineer, consultant, project manager, etc..

Positions titles for students graduating with a degree in Industrial Engineering include:

  • Industrial Engineer
  • Logistics Engineer
  • Management Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Plant Managers
  • Improvement Advisor
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Facility Safety Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Purchasing Engineer
  • Supplier Development Engineer
  • Operations Manager

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Q:  Do students have opportunities to work in jobs related to their major prior to graduation?

A:  One of the strengths of the NDSU engineering college is the emphasis placed on cooperative education. Students are encouraged to take a semester off any time after their sophomore year to work in industry as an Industrial Engineering Co-op. Read Co-op experiences of current IME students.

Whether it is manufacturing, consulting, or healthcare, a background in industrial engineering or manufacturing engineering opens up a huge wealth of potential job prospects for students. The NDSU Career Center is a great resource for all students, whether active in the job search or just curious about what is out there.

Check out the NDSU employment report to see how graduates in either industrial engineering or manufacturing engineering stack up to other engineering disciplines.

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Q:  What is the average salary of an IE&M graduate from NDSU?

A:  Average salary for our graduates ranges from $49K - $56K.

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Q:  Do you have any female IE&M students?

A: We have the largest percentage of female graduates in engineering at NDSU 40%.

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Q:  How do I know if industrial engineering is for me?

A:  Answer the following questions?

1.  Do you want a degree in engineering with option to work in any industry?

2.  Do you want a good paying job when you graduate?

3.  Are you interested in a diverse career?

4.  Do you want to design?

5.  Do you enjoy working with people?

6.  Do you inspire to lead a team of engineers?

7.  Would you be interested in directing and managing projects?

8.  Would you be interested in improving productivity and saving your company $$?

9.  Do you expect to move into management as your career advances?

10. Would you possibly want to manage your own business?

If you answered yes to most or all of the above questions then industrial engineering is for you!

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Q:  What kind of high school classes should I take to prepare for a major in Industrial Engineering?

A: To enroll in the industrial engineering curriculum in the freshman year, a student should have two years of high school math and one year in each chemistry and physics. However, a special program can be arranged for students who are deficient in these areas.

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Q:  How do I apply?

A:  To apply to the IE&M program, please go to NDSU Admission Office.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

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