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Are you travelling home?

1. If you are leaving the country please remember that you need a valid travel signature on the 3rd page of your I-20 and that it takes 5 business days to process. 

The staff at the Office of International Programs need this time so that we can look at your SEVIS record and verify that you are in active status to ensure a smooth re-entry back into the United States upon your return. 

If you are leaving in less than 5 business days we will be happy to mail you your I-20 to you if you provide us with your home address.  Remember, your I-20 is not necessary to leave the country--only to re-enter. You can also request us to send your I-20 by express mail (FedEx) for a $50 charge.

Please note: Signatures are valid for one year upon re-entry. This one-year validity period is stated above the signatures on page 3. You are not required to get your I-20 signed once a year if you do not travel outside of the U.S. But, if you do need to leave the United States, look at the signature on page 3 to make sure the most recent signature will not be more than 1 year old when you re-enter. 

**Please see page 3 of your I-20 and the note above the signature lines which reads:
"This page when properly endorsed, may be used for reentry of the student to attend the same school after a temporary absence from the United States. Each certification signature is valid for one year."

A special note for students on OPT: The signature on page 3 of your I-20 is valid only for 6 months, not one year. In addition to the general guidelines on this page, be sure to also read the OPT applications found on our website for special information regarding travel while on OPT:

2. Enrollment letters from the OIP are not needed.  Your I-20 is your international office verification of your eligibility as a student at NDSU. It may be helpful to carry a copy of your current transcript to prove registration.

3. Please remember that you must possess a valid visa and passport to return to the U.S. When you are returning, you must obtain your electronic I-94 number after your entry.

**Please note that between April and May 2013, the I-94 "card" is no longer in paper format and instead has become an automated electronic process for air travel. After April 2013, a log of your entry information will be available on a website managed by Customs and Border Protection:

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