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Connect your Windows 7 computer to GoPrint

Update queue name for QBB 150 color printer!

If you set up your computer prior to June 11, 2014, to print to the Quentin Burdick Building (formerly the IACC) color printer in room 150, you need to update your printer settings to reflect the new queue name: QBB-150-c

Use the instructions on this page, but instead of adding a new printer, simply update the Port Name field from IACC-150-c to QBB-150-c

  1. Click on the Start menu, and click Devices and Printers
  2. Click Add a Printer and select Add a local printer
  3. Click Create a New Port, choose Standard TCP/IP Port, and then click Next
  4. In the Hostname or IP address field, type
  5. NOTE: This step is only if you are setting up multiple GoPrint stations on the same computer.  In the Port Name field, type in the Queue Name for the printer (see the Printer Locations and Queue Names table, below) 
  6. Uncheck Query the printer and automatically select the driver and then click Next
  7. If additional port information is required, choose Standard and Generic Network Card
  8. Choose the printer type/driver as listed in the Printer Locations and Queue Names table below. If your printer model is not listed, go to and download the driver for that model.
  9. Click Next, Use the driver that is currently installed if prompted
  10. In the Printer name field, give the printer a name, ex. Library Reference Desk B&W, and then click Next
  11. Click Finish, do NOT print a test page
  12. In Devices and Printers, right click the printer and click on Printer properties
  13. Click on the Ports tab, select the printer, and click Configure Port
  14. Under the Protocol section check LPR
  15. Under LPR Settings check LPR Byte Counting Enabled, for Queue Name, choose your queue name from the list below, ex. Dinan-140-b
  16. Click OK, and then click Close
  17. You should now be ready to print

Find your computer name

To efficiently locate your print job on a GoPrint station, you should first identify the name of your personal computer:

  1. On your personal computer, click Start
  2. Click Computer
  3. In the open space, right click and select Properties

Printer Locations and Queue Names


Queue Name

Printer Type/Driver

FLC 120

Quentin Burdick Building 150

Library 118 (Reference Desk)

Memorial Union 52 (Food Court)

Memorial Union Bison Connection

Memorial Union 188F (Behind Coffee Shop)

Memorial Union 288S (Outside The Gallery)

Minard Annex 288G (Above Coffee Shop)

West Dining Center 4


HP Laserjet M602

HP Laserjet 4015N

HP Laserjet M602

HP Laserjet 4015N

HP Laserjet M602

HP Laserjet M602

HP Laserjet 4015N

HP Laserjet M602

HP Laserjet 4015N

Barry Hall 22, 288A & 366      


HP Laserjet M602

Barry Hall 260 - Color


HP Color Laserjet 4525TN



HP Laserjet 4015DN

Burgum 132


HP Laserjet 4015DN

Churchill 17


HP Laserjet 4015DN

Dinan 140


HP Laserjet 4015DN

Quentin Burdick Building 150 - Color


HP Color Laserjet 4525TN

EML 378  (VC laptop room)


HP Laserjet 4015N

Library Reference Desk - Color


HP Color Laserjet 4525TN  

LLC East 200


HP Laserjet M602

LLC West 200


HP Laserjet M602

NDSU Nursing at Sanford Health (Bismarck) 11 - Color 


HP LaserJet M651

NDSU Nursing at Sanford Health (Bismarck) 11


HP Laserjet M602

NDSU Nursing at Sanford Health (Bismarck) 161


HP Laserjet M602

Reed 142


HP Laserjet 4015DN

Renaissance 420 - B&W


HP Laserjet M602

Renaissance 420 - Color


HP Color Laserjet 4525TN

Stevens 288 (Lounge)


HP Laserjet M602

Stockbridge 142A


HP Laserjet 4015DN

Weible 133


HP Laserjet 4015DN

West Dining Center 4 (High Rises)


HP Laserjet 4015DN


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