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The new NDSU Outlook e-mail and calendaring service provides connectivity to a variety of smartphone possibilities, and the IT Division seeks to support the widest range possible.

Because the BlackBerry has a strong reputation for security, many of our customers currently own BlackBerrys. Additionally, state agencies use BlackBerrys through the North Dakota Information Technology Department.

Consequently, the IT Division has decided to support NDSU-provided and personal BlackBerrys. On campus, we are calling this service NDSU BlackBerry for Outlook.

Connecting Blackberrys to NDSU's e-mail and calendaring costs more than other smartphones because a separate hosting system/agreement is required to connect to North Dakota University System servers. [See details listed below regarding fees.]

In spite of these additional costs, the BlackBerry provides a robust and secure device that IT Division will be fully supporting now and in the foreseeable future.

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What is NDSU Blackberry for Outlook?

NDSU Blackberry for Outlook will allow you to synchronize your e-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks between your NDSU Outlook account and your BlackBerry.

For simplicity, we are referring to this service as NDSU Blackberry for Outlook.

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What do I need to make NDSU BlackBerry for Outlook work?

  1. You need to have the Enterprise Service data plan activated on your BlackBerry by your cellular phone provider
    • The Enterprise Service plan is included on NDSU-owned BlackBerrys
    • For personal phones, please check with your cellular provider.  There may be an additional charge for the Enterprise Service plan
      • Some providers call the Enterprise plan a "smart choice package" or a "corporate plan" 
  2. You need to order a BlackBerry for Outlook license through the NDSU Telecommunications department

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Who pays the costs associated with NDSU BlackBerry services?

For NDSU-owned BlackBerrys provided to employees:

  • One-time cost for the BlackBerry device -- departmental responsibility
  • Recurring costs from the cellular provider (this includes the "enterprise" data package) -- departmental responsibility
  • $10 recurring cost from North Dakota University System for BlackBerry Hosting Services -- departmental responsibility

For personally owned BlackBerrys:

  • Initial cost to purchase the BlackBerry — personal responsibility
  • Recurring costs for the core cellular services; often this has a basic plan included, which does not allow access to NDSU BlackBerry for Outlook — personal responsibility
  • "Enterprise" data plan from the cellular provider; this is required for NDSU BlackBerry for Outlook connectivity — personal responsibility
  • $10 monthly cost from North Dakota University System for NDSU BlackBerry for Outlook services — departmental responsibility

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How do I get NDSU Outlook access for my NDSU-provided BlackBerry?

  1. Contact your departmental budget manager for funding information to cover the monthly cost of this service.
  2. Contact the Telecommunications & Emergency Support Technologies main line at 701-231-8401.  They will assist you through the process.
  3. You will be contacted by the IT Help Desk about how to configure your NDSU BlackBerry for Outlook service.

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How do I get access to NDSU Outlook for my personal BlackBerry?

  1. You will need a BlackBerry running 4.x or higher OS and an "enterprise" plan from your cellular provider.  Some providers call this a "smart choice package" and others call it a "corporate plan." Please note that this is often a feature that is not part of the regular BlackBerry plan and can have an additional cost.
  2. Contact your departmental budget manager for funding information to cover the monthly cost of the BlackBerry for Outlook service.
  3. Contact the Telecommunications & Emergency Support Technologies main line at 701-231-8401. They will walk you through the process.
  4. You will be contacted by the IT Help Desk on how to configure NDSU BlackBerry for Outlook.

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How do I activate NDSU BlackBerry for Outlook on my BlackBerry?

After your license order has been processed, you will receive an e-mail from the IT Help Desk with a NDSU BlackBerry for Outlook password.

On your BlackBerry:

  1. Go to Options
  2. Go to Advanced Options
  3. Go to Enterprise Activation
    • If you do not have an Enterprise Activation
      • Verify that you have the Enterprise Service data plan from your cellular provider
      • You may already be associated to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  4. Enter your full NDSU e-mail address (
  5. Enter your NDSU BlackBerry for Outlook password
    • You will receive this from the IT Help Desk when your account has been set up
  6. Select Activate

The activation process may take several minutes; progress will be displayed on the screen.

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What is my NDSU BlackBerry for Outlook or initial password?

This one-time password is e-mailed to you from the IT Help Desk after your account has been set up.  This password is valid for five days.

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Can my BlackBerry connect to both my regular BlackBerry e-mail account and NDSU Outlook?

No.  A BlackBerry can only be associated to one enterprise system. You must choose whether you wish to receive your NDSU Outlook e-mail or continue to receive e-mail from your BlackBerry e-mail account provided by your cell phone carrier.

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Can I use the "free" means to get NDSU e-mail on my BlackBerry?

No. This option, which your cellular provider calls the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), is not allowed or supported for NDSU use.

NDSU does not have a legal, contractual agreement with BIS regarding the protection of NDSU confidential data (e.g. username and password) when it is stored on BIS servers.  University policy states that all confidential data must be protected through accepted and approved means.

While access to NDSU Outlook via the BlackBerry web browser is technically an option (, the interface is cumbersome and not well suited for smartphones.

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Can I use a BlackBerry outside of the US?

Yes. For NDSU provided BlackBerrys, contact Telecommunications & Emergency Support Technologies at 231-8401, at least two weeks in advance of your trip.

For personal BlackBerrys, contact your cellular provider to add an international plan to your current cellular plan.  It is recommended that you do this well in advance of your trip.

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Who do I contact if I am experiencing problems with my BlackBerry?

  • If it is a warranty or repair issue, please contact your cellular provider.  Below are the two used by NDSU:
    • AllTell/AT&T - if you need assistance with a BlackBerry, other Smartphone, or Aircard please contact Data Tech Support at 1-866-574-2376
    • Verizon - contact the Verizon Wireless technical support number at 1-800-922-0204, prompt 3
  • For all other issues or if you are unsure, visit the IT Help Desk page for information on how to get assistance.

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