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Configure Eudora for Windows

  1. On the menu bar, click Tools, then Options.
  2. Click Getting Started and enter:
    • Real Name: enter your name
    • Email address: enter your email address
    • Mail Server (Incoming): enter
    • User Name: enter your Electronic ID (typically Firstname.Lastname)
    • SMTP Server (Outgoing): enter
  3. Check the box Allow Authentication
  4. Click Checking Mail
  5. Where it says Secure Sockets when Receiving change the drop down box to Required, Alternate Port
  6. Click Sending Mail
  7. Make sure Allow Authentication, Immediate Send, Send on check, and Use submission port (587) boxes are all checked
  8. Where it says Secure Sockets when Sending change the drop down box to Required, STARTTLS
  9. Click OK

Information on Eudora Modes


Eudora is now available in three modes: Sponsored, Paid, and Light. If you download Eudora from their site at, it will automatically install in sponsored mode.

  • Sponsored Mode provides the full-featured Eudora at no charge, but it does display small advertisements. The advertising does not appear within the body of email messages.
  • Paid Mode provides the full-featured Eudora without advertising.
    • This software can be purchased from Eudora's web page at or through the NDSU Bookstore.
  • Light Mode is an upgrade for existing Eudora Light users. It does not contain advertising, but includes fewer features than the Sponsored and Paid Modes.

  To change the mode or customize the ads you see in sponsored mode:

  • From the Menu Bar, click on Help, then Payment and Registration.
  • From the Payment and Registration window, you can choose the mode you want to use, customize the ads you see, or find the latest versions of Eudora.

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