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NDSU Secure Wireless directions for Android

NDSU Secure
Wireless for

How To Set Up Secure Wireless on Android Phones

  1. Select Menu
  2. Then select Settings
  3. Wireless & Networks
  4. Wi-Fi Settings
  5. Select NDSU Instructions and connect to the network
  6. Exit the settings once you're connected to the network
  7. Open your internet browser
  8. Log in with your NDSU Electronic ID and password
  9. Select the option on the left that says "Get My Certificate"
  10. It will then load a page where you can download your certificate
    • Select the link that says "Identity Bundle Download (PKCS12)"
      • This will download your certificate package
    • Make sure you make note of the Certificate Password; you will need it later
  11. After the brief download it will ask you to enter the certificate password and then automatically install the certificate
    • It will also ask you to name your certificate for easier use later (Do not use spaces in the name you come up with)
  12. Once installed, close your browser and go back to your Wi-Fi settings (repeat steps 1-4)
  13. Now, select NDSU Secure Network
    • It may ask you to set up a certificate password.  This password is completely separate from the password you entered after downloading the certificate.  It is used to connect to NDSU Secure if you turn your phone off and on.
  14. An options window will open so you can configure settings.  Here is what you should choose:
    • EAP method: TLS
    • CA certificate: N/A
    • Client certificate: The name you chose for your certificate
    • Identity:  Your Electronic ID (make sure all letters are lowercase)
    • Anonymous identity: Leave Blank
  15. Select Connect and you will connect to the NDSU Secure Network!

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