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Best Practices for Clickers

The following information regarding best practices for using clickers in a classroom was gathered by Instructional Services for your reference. Please note that these suggestions should be adapted to fit your course and teaching strategy.

 Sample Grading Policies:

  • Give 2 points for correct answers and 1 point for incorrect answers
    (to reward both attendance and participation).
  • Drop the lowest 2-3 clicker grades from each student's total grade
    (reduces student anxiety when they forget transmitters or have technical problems).
  • Keep the percentage of a student's grade dependent on clickers at 10% or less
    (also reduces student anxiety when they forget transmitters or have technical problems).
  • Bring paper copies of the clicker questions to class for students who have forgotten their transmitter or are having problems. 
    (It's up to you how much hand-holding you want to do, but most questions can be easily printed out.)

Sample Syllabus Entries:

  • Purchase a clicker in the NDSU Bookstore and bring it to every class. Approximately ___% of your grade will be determined by your clicker score, so be sure your clicker is working and your Device ID is correctly registered in Blackboard. The ___ lowest scores will be dropped. No excused absences beyond this will be given.
  • We will begin using clickers on ___ (Month/Day/Year), so buy your clicker before that day. 
  • Cheating happens, but I will go to great lengths to prevent it. Some students seem surprised to learn that bringing in their friend's clicker is cheating. It is, and will be treated as cheating according to the University's established procedures.
  • This course will use clickers most class periods. New and used units are available at the NDSU Bookstore. You must bring your clicker to class each day in order to earn points. Attending class without the clicker is OK, but you will not receive any points that day. You can miss up to ___ classes before your clicker grade suffers.

Ask questions that teach, not just assess!

Vanderbilt University has an excellent webpage on the effectiveness of different types of questions and clicker activities. Visit the Vanderbilt University Webpage for more information.


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