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LeaderQuest - NDSU's Premier Leadership Program

Applications for the 2014 LeaderQuest Program Available August 2014. 


Welcome to the NDSU LeaderQuest Leadership Program. We are glad you're interested in learning more about LeaderQuest. Your desire to learn how to develop your leadership skills will set you apart in your teams, when interviewing, and even when you are competing for your next job!

LeaderQuest will help you develop your ability to lead, motivate others, and much more. LeaderQuest is for any student who wants to learn how to be an effective leader in any situation. LeaderQuest will be held in the Fall of 2014.

Mission of LeaderQuest

To educate students on becoming effective leaders through skill enhancement and personal development.

Vision of LeaderQuest

It is our vision to educate all students at NDSU on developing their ability towards becoming an authentic leader. It is also our desire to help students understand that leadership and authenticity is a lifestyle and not a skill set.

Students will understand that everyone is a leader, leadership is achievable through knowing one's own strengths and growth areas, and leadership is not the ability to manipulate others through certain skills sets.

Finally, students should understand that leadership is a responsibility, privilege, and revolves around understanding your own personal power.

LeaderQuest Program Overview

The LeaderQuest program is an experiential semester long program designed to help students learn about leadership through interactive workshops, planning an all campus leadership retreat, and through a mentor relationship with an individual from the University and surrounding community.

● 12 Week Leadership Program

● Weekly meetings feature experiential role-play situations, purposeful games/activities, and practical applications of leading a team.

● Participants will attend a retreat. This time will be used to learn a lot about each other and bond as a team. The retreat will take place at a campsite not far from Fargo. The retreat schedule includes team building, workshops, games, and (of course) food!

● LeaderQuest focuses on the development of courage, accountability, authenticity, character.

● Students will have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops, meet and work with a mentor on campus, attend an off-campus retreat, develop their leadership abilities and potential, and plan/execute a leadership-based campus event.

Undergraduate through graduate students will compete for 30 spots on the LeaderQuest team. If you selected, you will be a part of a team consisting of men and women of diverse cultures, ages, attitudes, values, learning styles, religions, and personalities. Students are selected based on their uniqueness, overall potential, and desire to succeed in the program. Extensive leadership experience or knowledge is not necessary to gain entrance into the program.

The LeaderQuest program would not be complete without the Mentor Program. LeaderQuest matches each participant with a quality mentor from varying backgrounds in the professional world. The mentors, who volunteer their time, are trained to assist each team member in developing personal leadership skills, challenging perspectives and attitudes, and to hopefully build a friend for life. Mentors are selected according to their skills as a leader, knowledge of human development, and their ability to commit to you and to the program.

Space is limited to 30 participants. Don't be left out; students will be talking about this experience for years to come!

Please contact Matt Skoy at 701-231-7799 or for more information.

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LeaderQuest Mentors


The role of a mentor in LeaderQuest takes on many forms. First, what you should know is the difference between a mentor and a job coach. A mentor for LeaderQuest is someone who will assist you with general academic, social, and personal issues. Unlike a job coach, a LeaderQuest mentor does not focus on helping you with specific career skills or help you find job contacts; although this often happens.

Your mentor is trained in the art of “facilitation of learning”. That is, your mentor is not someone who will just give you all of the answers. Your mentor will help you discover the answers within by challenging you to come up with some of the answers as well.

Your mentor will act as a guide to understanding your goals, how to achieve them, and how to think for yourself. They will listen to you, challenge you, and provide you with feedback about your goals. Finally, your mentor is also there as a lifelong friend.

Have ever heard of the phrase, “If I only knew then, what I know now”? If so, then you know that having a mentor will save you a lot of headache in trying to discover the rules of life. Utilize your mentor wisely. If you think you may not need a mentor, you may wish to ask yourself one question, “Do I need to grow?” Even the most successful people in the world need mentors. Remember that you have been given a great opportunity. Please take advantage of this experience.

Goals of the Mentor Program:

1.      Enhancing the capability for critical thinking

2.      Developing greater awareness of community outside the classroom

3.      Developing a capability for self-analysis and reflection

Roles of a Mentor:

1.      Effective listening and reacting

2.      Challenging and visioning

3.      Observing

4.      Friendship


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