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Purchasing Conservation Trees

The Towner State Nursery is the only conifer (evergreen) seedling nursery in North Dakota.  The NDSU-North Dakota Forest Service operates the 160-acre facility.  It has been operating since 1951, annually producing one million conservation trees.  The trees are produced to meet the needs of North Dakota citizens, and are used primarily in shelterbelts, living snow fences, wildlife block plantings, and other conservation plants.  The nursery grows both bare-root and container trees.

Bare-root trees are sold with no soil attached to the roots.  Bare-root stock is packaged to prevent the roots from drying during shipment and storage.

Inside a greenhouse where seedlings are being grown in containers to fill customers orders.Some trees are grown in containers in the greenhouse for customers.

Container trees are grown in a greenhouse in a mixture of peat and vermiculite. Container trees are extracted from the growing boxes and packaged for shipment. The root-ball remains intact during shipment and planting, so the tree suffers little planting shock.  First-year survival and growth is usually better with container trees than bare-root stock. Container trees are popular for hand planting.

Seed sources of all tree stock at the Towner State Nursery are adapted to climatic conditions in North Dakota. Seed production areas in north central North Dakota provide much of the seed used at the Towner State Nursery. If you have questions about specific seed sources, please contact our office. All of the stock, bare-root and container grown, are sold in lots of 50.

Click here to see the 2014 Nursery Catalog.

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