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Colorado Spruce - Picea pungens

A row of Colorado Spruce growing along a field.

Colorado Spruce is the most widely planted evergreen in North Dakota. It prefers heavier soil, full sun, average moisture and clean cultivation. Colorado Spruce will reach a height of six feet in eight years on a good site. Growth rates after that should exceed one foot per year.

Colorado Spruce growing in a nursery bed.

Colorado Spruce is probably the most drought tolerant of all spruces. Color of Colorado Spruce varies from deep green to silver-blue. Seed comes from a source that is very winter-hardy and will do well throughout the Northern Plains and Southern Canada.

Plant Colorado Spruce eight to twelve feet apart in a windbreak. Mature height is about 60 feet. Colorado Spruce are available as bare root or container grown and sold in lots of fifty.

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