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Ponderosa Pine - Pinus ponderosa

Ponderosa Pine growing in a single row in a field.


Ponderosa Pine will grow on moist soils including very sandy sites and sites with little topsoil. . With good care, Ponderosa Pine will grow to a height of six feet in six years and once established, it is very drought resistant.


Ponderosa Pine growing in nursery beds.

Mature height is approximately 55 feet and should be planted eight to twelve feet apart in a windbreak row. Ponderosa Pine competes well with grass and is a good choice for sod planting. This species is native to south west North Dakota and has been widely planted within the state and surrounding states. The Towner Nursery grows Ponderosa Pine from seed collected from plantations located near the nursery. Ponderosa Pine is available as bare root or container grown stock and sold in lots of fifty (50).

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