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Scotch Pine - Pinus sylvestris

Scotch Pine growing in a group.


Scotch Pine grown at the Towner Nursery comes from seed orchards about 50 miles north of the nursery. The orchards represent select sources of Scotch Pine from Northern Europe and Asia and are often referred to as Siberian Scotch Pine. This Scotch Pine is very winter-hardy and suited for planting throughout the Great Plains and Southern Canada.

Scotch Pine growing in the greenhouse.

Growers often use this variety of Scotch Pine for Christmas trees though find it difficult to paint because of the very yellow winter color. These trees naturally turn golden in the fall to protect itself from winter burn. They prefer sandy loam or heavier soils and are generally considered the fastest growing evergreen grown in the Midwest. Mature height is about 40 feet. In windbreaks, plant Scotch Pine eight to twelve feet apart.

Scotch Pine is available as bare root or container grown stock and sold in lots of fifty (50).

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