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North Dakota State Climate Office
Climatological Data Archives
NDSU Walster Hall Room 239

The following list of books and publications are available in the State Climate Office Archives:

  • Bound books titled “Climatological Data for the Unites States”, 1909-1952. (Missing 1948 Apr.-Dec).
  • Bound books titled “Report of the Chief Signal Officer, War Department”, 1887-1890.
  • Bound book titled “7th Annual Report, New York Weather Bureau”, 1895.
  • Bound books titled “Report of the Chief of the Weather Bureau”, 1891-1892.
  • Bound books titled “US Department of Agriculture Report of the Chief of the Weather Bureau”, 1893-1936.
  • “US Weather Bureau, Climatological Data, National Summary”, 1950-1967. (Missing 1966)
  • “US Department of Commerce, Weather Bureau, MET’L Record, Surface Weather Observations”, Fargo, ND. 1964-1989.

Old Climate Data:

  1. First Collected and Printed – Bulletin Q, 1906
  2. Expanded by sections and printed in two volumes – Bulletin W, 1912. (data to 1908)
  3. Data were upgraded in a 2nd edition to 1920 – Bulletin W, 2nd edition, 1926.

Bulletin W contains:

  1. All monthly precipitation and annual.
  2. Mean monthly temperatures (period of record)
  3. Mean Max monthly (period of record)
  4. Mean Min monthly (period of record)
  5. Frost dates
  6. Lowest and Highest Temps by month
  7. Average Snowfall
  8. Number of days >= 0.01 inches of precipitation
  9. Prevailing wind direction
  10. Wind speeds (two stations

Moorhead, MN data, monthly forms. Thin bound volumes with Red binding/Black covers. 8AM form, 8PM form, and special observation. Barometer, dry/wet temp, max/min temp, wind, precipitation, clouds.
July 1889 – June 1892
January through December for 1893 through 1904. (Missing 1905)

Bound books titled “US Department of Agriculture, Weather Bureau, Forms 1001, 1002, and 1014, MET’L, Moorhead, MN”. 1906-1948.

Bound books titled “Monthly Weather Review”, 1897-1973.
“USDA Climate and Crop Service of the Weather Bureau”
Bound red book 9½ x 11½  January 1898 – December 1901
Bound red book 9½ x 11½  January 1902 – December 1905
Bound red book 9½ x 11½  January 1906 – January 1909
In February 1906, turned into climatological service

Note: Slightly different version of monthly reports including an annual summary for 1901-1905 (Bound red book 9½ x 11½). Also 1897-1900. Also 1906-1910.

Plus several more copies in tan leather binding/ black covers.

“Climatography of Hail in the Central United States” by Glenn E. Stout and Stanley A. Changnon, Jr. CHIAA Research Report No. 38. Crop Hail Insurance Actuarial Association. February 29, 1968.

Historic NC-26/NC-94 Meeting Notes and Minutes 1953-1994