Column headings defined:

Sta: Station
Year: Year
Mo: Month
: Day

DOY: Day of Year
AirTC: Air Temperature (Celsius)
5cmC: 5 cm Depth (Celsius)
10cmC: 10 cm Depth (Celsius)
20cmC: 20 cm Depth (Celsius)
30cmC: 30 cm Depth (Celsius)
40cmC: 40 cm Depth (Celsius)
50cmC: 50 cm Depth (Celsius)
60cmC: 60 cm Depth (Celsius)
80cmC: 80 cm Depth (Celsius)
100cmC: 100 cm Depth (Celsius)
125cmC: 125 cm Depth (Celsius)
150cmC: 150 cm Depth (Celsius)

175cmC: 175 cm Depth (Celsius)
200cmC: 200 cm Depth (Celsius)
225cmC: 225 cm Depth (Celsius)

Hourly Fargo Deep Soil Temperatures - Last 7 Days

Fargo Daily Deep Soil Temps in Table Format - Click Year:

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Fargo Station Deep Soil Temperatures

- Disclaimer -

These daily data are collected from the - NDAWN - Fargo weather station located. Daily data (averaged from hourly values) are provided here on an as-is basis. No estimates or interpolated values are available. Obvious bad data have been deleted, however more extensive quality control may be needed.