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Current weather data for NDAWN stations can be viewed on the "Current Weather" web page.

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Current Deep Soil Temperatures to 6 foot depth

Bottineau - Carrington - Dickinson - Grand Forks - Fargo - Harvey - Hettinger - Langdon - Minot - Streeter - Williston 

ARCHIVED Deep Soil Temperatures at select NDAWN stations

map of north dakota williston minot bottineau langdon harvey streeter carrington grand forks fargo dickinson hettinger

Link to the CURRENT Deep Soil Temperature Data on the National Weather Service Web site - Bismarck

Deep soil temperatures at several depths are taken at 11 NDAWN weather stations. These data are not currently available on the NDAWN web site. Daily data (averaged from hourly values) are provided here on an as-is basis. No estimates or interpolated values are available. Obvious bad data have been deleted, however more extensive quality control may be needed. See Disclaimer.

Soil Temperatures (Celsius) down to a 175 cm (69 inch) depth from 11 North Dakota NDAWN Stations

Soil Temperatures (Celsius) down to a 1170 cm (38 feet) depth:

  • Fargo - Retired in 2013

Spring and Fall Frost Probability Dates - North Dakota probability of occurrence for spring and fall by station from the National Climatic Data Center (1981-2010).

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