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Ice art

Go West // Fargo // March 7-13
Vom Verweilen und Vorueberziehen // Laichingen, Germany // Summer 2006

Internationally known artist James Rosenquist has lent his name to establish the James Rosenquist Artist in Residency program at North Dakota State University, an agreement that allows students and community to see unique artistic methods and view exceptional new artwork.

Rosenquist, who was born in Grand Forks, N.D., is considered one of the greatest living artists of the pop art movement of North America.

Hedi Schw÷bel, Ludwigsburg, Germany, is the first visiting artist. Her work includes site-specific artistic installations that often capture the spirit of a site by examining its history, dimensions and atmosphere. Schw÷bel worked with ice, salt and aluminum foil in her North Dakota pieces.