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Students selected as 2013 Yell Leaders at NDSU

Published: 14 May 2013




NDSU students Alex Koppy, Stephen Kessler and Brandon Millar have been named 2013 Yell Leaders. They will work with the NDSU Cheer Team and Gold Star Marching Band to engage fans and create a festive atmosphere at home football games. 

Yell Leaders are selected by Bison Ambassadors, NDSU Athletics and the NDSU Alumni Association through an interview process. They are judged on enthusiasm, Bison Pride and voice.

“A Yell Leader is someone who embodies the Bison spirit and is an outstanding member of the NDSU community,” said Stephanie Maier, director of programs and student engagement for the NDSU Alumni Association.

They receive a scholarship from the NDSU Alumni Association for their service. In 2011, the inaugural year for the Yell Leader program, Student Government also contributed to the Yell Leader scholarships. For more information on the program, visit

Stephen Kessler
Major: Agricultural education
Year in school: Sophomore
Hometown: Glen Ullin, N.D.
Activities: Bison Ambassadors, Herd Club, Collegiate FFA/PAS, College Democrats, and intramural flag football and basketball.

Why did you want to be a Yell Leader? 
I wanted to become a Yell Leader because of my extreme Bison Pride. I love going to every football game and attending volleyball, basketball and baseball games and other Bison athletic events.

What will make you a good Yell Leader?
My dedication. My goal is to get students and adults on the same page so that the entire crowd at football games and other sporting events will be yelling the same chant together. 

What does Bison Pride mean to you? 
Bison Pride to me means that a person has great support for NDSU in its athletics, organizations and academics. I personally wear NDSU attire as well as organization clothes to help promote them around NDSU and elsewhere. Bison Pride goes beyond athletics because without hard work in the classroom, organizations or athletics would not thrive. 

How do you feel about wearing a yellow suit to games?
I am excited. I am used to dressing full out for Bison games and I feel that wearing a suit will not be any different for me.

Favorite tailgating food: 
Coming from a ranch background, my favorite tailgating food is brats and hamburgers.

Favorite Bison tradition:
Camping out the night before football games. It’s a great way to bond with fellow Bison.

Why did you choose to attend NDSU? 
I chose to attend NDSU because many employers and others recognize it as a great university. Also I stayed at NDSU each summer for a week because of the state FFA convention and NDSU team football camp. I was familiar with the university and it is not too far or too close to home. 

Alex Koppy
Majors: Mathematics and mathematics education
Year in school: Sophomore
Hometown: Mandan, N.D.
Activities: Track and field and Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Why did you want to be a Yell Leader? 
I wanted to be a Yell Leader not only to raise the decibel level at the Fargodome, but also to share my Bison pride with the rest of the NDSU community and get everyone excited about the Herd.

What will make you a good Yell Leader? 
Well, of course the yell, but also the fact that I bleed green and gold.

What does Bison Pride mean to you? 
Bison Pride, to me, is all about the feeling I get knowing I am part of something so exciting and big.

How do you feel about wearing a yellow suit to games? 
I can’t wait!

Favorite tailgating food: 
Chocolate-covered potato chips

Favorite Bison tradition: 
Beating South Dakota State University in football.

Why did you choose to attend NDSU?
I felt it was the perfect size and I always wanted to run track for the Bison. 

Brandon Millar
Major: Theatre arts
Year in school: Senior
Hometown: West Fargo, N.D.
Activities: BisonArts, the NDSU Concert Choir, as well as many musical productions with Theatre NDSU

Why did you want to be a Yell Leader? 
I wanted to be a yell leader because I love NDSU, especially the athletics, and I wanted to do more than just stand on the sidelines and watch. I wanted to share that passion and pride for my school with everyone else, and make sure our "12th Man" does everything we can to help the Bison to more victories and championships.

What will make you a good Yell Leader?
I've got a ton of Bison Pride, and always have since I grew up in West Fargo. It definitely helps that I'm the loudest person I know and am not a shy person in the least. I'm passionate, outgoing and again, loud.

What does Bison Pride mean to you?
Bison Pride, to me, is all about tradition. It has run through my family for years and has been passed onto me. It's about the pride in being a part of a university that is the lifeblood of the FM area where I was raised. To me, it's all about the green and gold, and how proud I am to be a part of this university. 

How do you feel about wearing a yellow suit to games? 
I personally can't wait to get that suit. Those things are stylin’.

Favorite tailgating food:
There's nothing better than a good chili cheddar cheese brat.

Favorite Bison tradition:
I would have to say that my favorite tradition is and has always been Bison game day. From tailgating to the opening kickoff, there is nothing like game day.

Why did you choose to attend NDSU?
I chose to go to NDSU because I grew up in West Fargo and have always been a big Bison sports fan. From attending football games when I was little, to going to Bison Buddies basketball camps, it has always been in my blood. The choice for me was simple.

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