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2014 Instructions for Application to the Nursing Major

  • Application to the NDSU nursing program is accepted only from a student who has been admitted to NDSU and is a pre-nursing student.  Students not previously enrolled at NDSU must apply both to NDSU (with a NDSU Application for Admission) and to the professional major (with the Supplemental Nursing Application form).
  • Applications for the Nursing Major can be downloaded from the Nursing website.  Applications are then submitted online through directions on the nursing website.  A receipt of submission will be received once the application is submitted.
  • Current official transcripts from all schools attended during and after high school must be on file in the Office of Registration & Records.
  • Two references are required. Students may used the same references from application submitted in May 2014.  Provide the Reference Form to the person you are asking to complete a reference.  It is appropriate to include a stamped envelope, addressed to the address given below, with the Reference Form. Please have reference sign the seal of the envelope.
  • Completion of the Certified Background Check.  If completed in May 2014, this does not need to be repeated.   See instructions on the website.  Results are received by the Nursing Department – you do not need to contact us once completed
  • All application materials must be postmarked by the nursing department SEPTEMBER 20It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify that all application materials have been received by the nursing office by the deadline. 
  • Applicants can withdraw application from consideration at any time prior to SEPTEMBER 20.  Please contact the Nursing Department to withdraw an application that has been uploaded. 
  • Current students are encouraged to use the NDSU Writing Center and the NDSU Career Center for assistance with the resume and personal statement.  The Pre-Nursing Advisor and Faculty will not review resume and essays prior to submission.  
  • Please preview application prior to submission to ensure instructions have been followed.  
  • All application materials for NDSU Nursing at Fargo or Sanford Health in Bismarck will be sent to the Fargo Department of Nursing.  

The following checklist may be helpful in completing your application:

  1. Application to the Nursing Program (submitted online at:
  2. Application Fee of $50:  Check or money order payable to Department of Nursing
  3. Transcripts on file at the Office of Registration and Records
  4. Reference #1 (May use references on file from May 2014)
  5. Reference  #2 (May use references on file from May 2014)
  6. Completion of the Certified Background Check (If applicant applied May 2014, this does not need to be repeated)
  7. An interview may be requested.  If so, you will be notified.


Nursing Application Form

The application deadline has been extended for the Bismarck campus only until Spring 2015 cohort is filled. 

Steps for submitting the Application Form:  Note paper copies will NOT be accepted.  It is the student responsibility to verify that application was submitted properly.  

  1. Step One: Download the PDF from the Nursing Website and save the application on your hard drive;  do not use “Save As”.  Your application will not be saved correctly and will not upload correctly. 
  2. Step Two: Open the PDF application using Adobe Reader, version 8 or newer (you may not use "Preview" on a MAC to fill this form!);
  3. Step Three: Add your data to the PDF application at your convenience and save the application on your hard drive;
  4. Step Four: Copy the PDF on your hard drive so that you have a back-up;  Continue to use Save when you are filling out the form and do NOT use save as a PDF. 
  5. Step Five: Login to and select the receiving department (Nursing);
  6. Step Six: Select the form that you have completed; and
  7. Step Seven: Upload the copy of the application to this Web site. Once your PDF is uploaded, you can click the "Click here for a receipt" button to ensure that we received the upload.

Reference Forms

Reference Form

Application Helpful Hints

Just a few tips with the application form:

When you copy and paste your resume or your personal statement from Microsoft Word, all formatting is removed.  This includes bold, italics, spacing and font size.  Please note, you do have the two full pages on the submitted form to use - if it was 2 pages in Word and you paste it into the pdf and it is less, you may use the additional space in the pdf.  

We do not expect you spend hours adjusting the spacing on your resume.  However, we do still want the personal statement double spaced. This will mean hitting enter at the end of each line and making sure the lines are complete in how it looks.  

Here is a sample application form:  2014 Application Sample

Criminal Background Check

Background checks are valid for one year.  

Go to and click on “Students”

In the Package Code box, enter the package code:  NO96

Enter your payment information – Visa, MasterCard, or Money Order.  Cost is $50.  Follow the online instructions to complete your order. 

 Additional information about Background checks can be found here.  

Results are received by the Nursing Department – you do not need to contact us once completed. 

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