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Past Dissertation Titles





Melinda Anderson

Improving Adolescent Friendly Healthcare Services: Implementing Comprehensive 
Psychosocial Histories into Practice

Molly Secor-Turner

Danielle Danielson

Designing a Hypertension Management Program for Family

Tina Lundeen

Ashley Huot

Development of Interprofessional Education Modules for Implementation in the
Doctor of Nursing Practice Curriculum

Dean Gross

Bonita Jenzen

Primary Care Resource and Referral Guide for Children 4-11 Years of Age with ADHD

Mykell Barnacle

Toby Redden

New Referral Hepatitis C Protocol: The New Standard

Tina Lundeen

Nichole Roller

Development of an Algorithm for Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

Tina Lundeen

Jenna Stout

Evaluating an Evidence-Based Prevention Program Delivered by Primary Care
Providers and In-Home Nurse Visits: The Period of Purple Crying: An Abusive
Head Trauma Prevention Program

Molly Secor-Turner

Kayla Thompson

Implementation of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test to Improve Practice
in a Rural Primary Care Clinic

Dean Gross






Kelly Agnello

Assessment of Obese Children within a Family-Vased Intervention Pilot Study

Leah Brewster

"I am AIDS" - Bridging the Gap

Angela Dolalie Kelsch

Screening and Brief Interventions for Alcohol Use in College Students

Kathryn Stendgard (Gustin)

Skin Cancer Prevention in North Dakota Farmers and Ranchers

Alicia Hauff

Medical Respite Care for Fargo-Moorhead Homeless Population: A Needs Assessment

Andrea Middlestead

Cultural Awareness and Provider Based Care for Refugee Women

Nancy Nyongesa

Implementing and Evidence-based Oral Health Assessment Tool (OHAT) in a Nursing Home

Lisa Schoenberg

Assessing North Dakota Nurse Practitioner's Knowledge of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network's Treatment Guidelines for Adult Cancer Pain

No Graduates in 2012





Lisa Ann Gerhart

Mentorship Needs Of Novice Advance Practice Providers And Recommended For Practice

Hope Marie Mathern

Healthcare Providers' Attitude, Understanding, And Perceived Benefits Of Exercise On Depression In Primary Care

Julie Mae Ternes

Barriers To Measuring Waist Circumference In Primary Care

Chantee Seung

An Assessment Of Patient Health Literacy Levels And Preferred Learning Styles

Bethany Joy Mello

Determining The Need For A Student Health Service Center On A Small Liberal Arts College Campus

Kara Lewis

Effective nurse leader characteristics: Recommendations for leadership success of the DNP

Brooke Brekke

Providers' perceptions and attitudes of a nutritional assessment and screening tool in congestive heart failure patients.

Camille Brown

Evidence based best practice for intimate partner violence screening by nuse practitioners in the primary care setting

Linda Kibot

Assessing nurse practitioner knowledge about the use of American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association guidelines for diagnosing and managing patients with heart failure

Jill McMullen

A grassroots letter writing campaign to affect health policy and improve health among Minnesotans

Sharon Simon

Motivational interviewing for smoking cessation

Jana Suder

Screening for eating disorders in primary care





Bonnie Lee Kihne

Willingness Of Nurse Practitioners To Address Parental Perceptions Of Childhood Weight

Alison Jo Edin

Standardizing Practice Through A Resource For Camp Nurses

Elisha Dawn Anderson

Impact of Education On Parents In Motivating Initiation And Completion Of HPV Vaccination Series In Rural Adolescents

Amber Jean Sandness

Soporific Solutions

Julie Ann Tobkin

Healthcare Provider Evaluation Of Sexual History Questionnaire At A Public Health Clinic

Marisa Lea Zutter

The Effect Of Sauna Therapy As A Form Of Complimentary Therapy On Perceived Stress Levels, Pulse And Blood Pressure

Susan Marie Harris

Hypertension Therapeutic Goal Attainment In Patients With Dual Diagnosis Of Hypertension And Diabetes

Arian Lorene Klose

The Effects Of Internalized Stigma Of Mental Illness In Self-Efficacy

Sara Beth Hansen

Family Practice Providers' Attitudes And Perceptions Of Antibiotic Resistance, And Intention To Practice Prudent Use Of Antibiotics

Heidi Saarinen

Breastfeeding during infant immunization

Jana Sundeen

The impact of vitamin D education on healthcare providers




Leslie Koltes

Healthcare workers' attitudes, understanding and perceived risk of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Tina Marie Lundeen

Nurse Practitioner Knowledge, Beliefs, And Attitudes About Obesity, The Obese Patient, And The Management Of Obesity In Clinical Practice

Bonnie Lynn McGuire

Adult Output Chemotherapy Patients' Attitudes And Preferences Toward Complimentary And Alternative Therapies (CAM) And The Physical Environment Of Treatment

Benjamin Bruce Ranstrom

Taking Steps Together: A Family Centered, Lifestyle Education And Behavioral Modification Program For Overweight And Obese Children And Their Families

Terry Lynn Evers

Schizophrenia Physical Co-Morbidity Case Study

Jessice Gabrielle Olson

Retrospective Analysis Of Puerperal Depression, Assessment, And Treatment




Mykell Marie Barnacle

Young Women's Knowledge About HPV, Cervical Cancer And The HPV Vaccine

Adam Gregory Hohman

Disaster Preparedness Of North Dakota Nurse Practitioners For Biological/Chemical Agents

Mary Jo Olson McCracken

Meeting The Self-Care Needs Of Adolescent And Young Adults With Cystic Fibrosis

Tamara Ann Garberg

Understanding Students' Indoor Tanning Practice And Beliefs

Tosha Lynn Bayer

The Effect Of A Health Information Intervention Of Perceptions Regarding Colorectal Cancer

Jessica Lynn Hanzel

An Assessment Of Patient Health Literacy Levels

Kelly Ann Kruschke

An Impact Of Guided Imagery On Healthcare Employees As A Means To Lower Their Blood Pressure, Pulse, And Perceived Levels Of Stress




Georgia Gayle Nygaard

Disaster Nursing: The Primary Care Challenge

Aaron Kevin Lindstrom

Patient Health Literacy Levels And The Readability Of Patient Education Materials

Jeanne Ann Unterseher

Cardiovascular Health Risk Management

Manuel James

Circadian Rhythm Of People Of A Sub-Polar Region




Katie Jayne Starns

Parents and Teachers Perceptions of Health Needs of School Aged Children

Jessica Anne Kleindl

Reading Ability Of Patients Versus The Readability Of Patient Education Material

If you would like to view one of the above dissertations, please contact Dean Gross at or 701.231.8355






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