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Validation Exam Information

The NACE II (RN-BSN) exams are in the areas of: Adult Health, Mental Health, Care of the Child, Care of the Client during Childbearing. A Decision Score of 90 must be obtained on each exam (Overall Score 60-70%, exact score required varies per exam). Exams may be taken twice in a calendar year. The cost of the exams is subject to change, currently $35-65/each. Students are responsible for the cost. Exams are Computer Based and taken at NDSU. Exams offered in April and August.

Validation Exam Registration

To register for the Validation exams, go to

Create an account.  This will also be the account you will login to complete the exams.

Go to Registration Store, click on NACE, then click Register Now and follow the drop down boxes.  It is the NACE II exams (RN-BSN) that we require students to complete.  

For additional information regarding the exams, please see the NLN Information Bulletin.  

2014 Validation Exams

The exam dates are:

June 19th

 8am - 10am:  Childbearing (you may register for both Childbearing and Care of the Child as you will have time to complete both tests in 4 hours)

 10am - 12pm:  Care of the Child

 1-5 pm:  Adult Health (also available 8-12)

August 13th, 

 8am-10am Childbearing (OB)

 10am-12pm Care of the Child (peds)

 1pm-3:30pm Mental Health

August 14th,

 8am-12pm:  Adult Health

Testing will occur in the NDSU Library Computer Cluster located in the basement of the Library.  

Parking is available in the Visitors' metered lot (Lot E)  or in the Memorial Union Lot on the NDSU Campus. Students are responsible for their own parking fees.  

Space is limited and additional seats will not be added. Once Registration closes, additional registrations cannot be accepted or added.

Testing will not be offered again until April 2015.


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