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Student Nurses' Association (SNA)

SNA is a student based organizations with the following mission:

  • To have direct input into standards of nursing education and to influence the education process
  • To influence health care, nursing education, and practice through legislative activities as appropriate
  • To participate in community affairs and educational programs toward improved health care and the resolution of related social issues
  • To represent nursing students to the consumer, to institutions, agencies, and other professional organizations
  • To encourage students’ participation in interdisciplinary activities
  • To promote recruitment efforts, student activities and educational opportunities regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, political persuasion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, or economic status
  • To provide for professional growth through programs, seminars, and community service
  • To assist nursing students and those interested in the nursing profession in exploring a variety of nursing roles and career possibilities
  • To foster communication among students, faculty, and administrators of the nursing program and NDSU
  • To act as an advocate for nursing and pre-nursing students in safeguarding and implementing the rights and responsibilities of nursing students as previously listed
  • To facilitate the transition from the nursing student role to that of a professional nurse.

Student Nurse Association Board

The following are the newly elected SNA Board:

  • President - Charles Hemkin
  • Vice President - Nicole Balzer
  • 2nd Vice President - Kaitlyn Borg
  • Secretary - Austin Kutzer
  • Treasurer - Amber Piatz
  • Director of Service Projects - Jessica Diaz De Leon
  • Director of Community Health - Luke Lassonde
  • Director of Membership - Becca Waibel
  • Director of Funds - McKenzie Schafer
  • Co-Directors of Publicity - Chelsea Lingle and Kalie Brueggemeier
  • Director of Breakthrough to Nursing/SNOY - Brett Lyslo
  • N3 Class Representative - Alex Olson (ICU/Mental Health)
  • N3 Class Representative - Ryan Moulzolf (OB/Peds)
  • N2 Class Representative - Mariah Wesbur

    SNA Faculty Advisor:  Karla Haug

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