ND Science Olympiad
2014 Event Volunteer List
2014 ND Science Olympiad Event List (Updated: 10:43 AM April 25, 2014 CDT)
Division B events are grades 6-9.
Division C events are grades 9-12.
Most events run best with 2-4 facilitators.
Lead facilitators are marked with L:, Co-facilitators with C:, Unconfirmed with ?, and Tentative with ( )
The ND State Science Olympiad will be at NDSU on April 26, 2014.
Life, Personal & Social Science Division Facilitator(s) Location Time
Anatomy and Physiology (Integumentary, Immune, Nervous) B & C
L: Slominski, Skaff C: K.Booth, Dees
Stevens 107 8:45 - 2:00
Designer Genes C
L: Arneson C: Dailey, Oliver, Edwinson
BBF2 203 10:55 - 12:55
Disease Detectives (Environmental Quality) B & C
L: D.Miller & students
Sudro 22 8:45 - 2:00
Entomology B & C
L: Kopco C: Faundez, Carvajal, Valls, Guixe
Hultz 209 8:45 - 2:00
Heredity B
L: Glover C: Young
ABEN3 215 10:55 - 12:55
Water Quality B & C
L: D.Roy C: Balangoda, Valkov, Swanson
Stevens 329 8:45 - 2:00
Earth & Space Science Division Facilitator(s) Location Time
Astronomy / Solar System B & C
L: Gray Bernard C: R.Niemann, Bossa
FLC4 413B 9:50 - 3:05
Dynamic Planet (Glaciers) B & C
L: Ramsey C: Sandberg, Romano
Stevens 230 8:45 - 12:55
GeoLogic Mapping C
L: Day C: Kolars, Lee
Stevens 231 1:05 - 3:05
Meteorology (Severe Storms) B
L: Akyuz C: Miller, Ostrand, Moran
Walster 220 9:50 - 11:50
Road Scholar B
L: Schwert
Stevens 134 8:45 - 9:40
Rocks and Minerals B & C
L: Fronning C: Ternes, Giesler
Stevens 136 9:50 - 3:05
Physical Science & Chemistry Division Facilitator(s) Location Time
Can't Judge a Powder B
L: Mallik C: Nahire, Kulkarni, Anajafi
Ladd 307 9:50 - 11:50
Chemistry Lab C
L: Conner, Chemistry Club? C: Robertson, Boschert, Nyachwaya
Ladd 304 8:45 - 10:45
Circuit Lab C
L: B.Booth C: S.Roy, Gurmessa
South Eng. 120 1:05 - 3:05
Compound Machines C
L: J. Hest C: M. Hest
CIE 205/207 12:00 - 2:00
Crime Busters B
L: Chemistry Club, Kalliokoski C: Clay, Konkol
Ladd 308 1:05 - 3:05
Forensics C
L: Kalliokoski C: Asplin, Bala, Chemistry Club
Dunbar 151 10:55 - 12:55
MagLev C
L: Teotia C: Uzelac, Adrian
SE 308/314/316 8:45 - 3:05
Materials Science C
L: Chemistry Club, Kilina C: Galhenage, Cui, Paramarta, Kudina, Peiris, Gifford
Ladd 309 9:50 - 11:50
Shock Value B
L: B.Booth C: Gurmessa, Alema
South Eng 120 8:45 - 10:45
Simple Machines B
L: Kariluoma C: Huber, Semler, R.Anderson
Dolve 115/118 10:55 - 12:55
Sounds of Music B
L: Wagner C: Senger
SE 116/118 8:45 - 3:05
Technology & Engineering Division Facilitator(s) Location Time
Boomilever B & C
L: Yang C: Merkel, Wang
FLC4 313 8:45 - 3:05
Elastic Launched Glider C
L: Raymond C: Mamani, Latimer, Hass
BBFH2 8:45 - 3:05
Helicopters B
L: Amiri C: Nassibeh, Narvesen, Hogfoss
BBFH2 8:45 - 3:05
Mission Possible C
L: Jents C: Triplett, Chelberg
Dolve 204 8:45 - 3:05
Robo-Cross B
L: Slator C: Zhang, Cox, Chen
Dolve 215 8:45 - 3:05
Scrambler C
L: Hauf C: Mikkelsen, Ahmadi
Loftsgard 104 + hallway 8:45 - 3:05
Wheeled Vehicle B
L: Riebel C: Olson, Jones, Rasmuson
BBFH2 8:45 - 3:05
Inquiry & Nature of Science Division Facilitator(s) Location Time
Bungee Drop C
L: Coyle C: L.Roy, Kolstad, Aakhus
Minard Annex Balcony 8:45 - 3:05
Experimental Design (Div B only) B
L: Upadhyaya C: Gilley, Clay, Khiabani
Sudro 21 8:45 - 10:45
Experimental Design (Div C only) C
L: Lange C: Chesley, Jia, Konkol
Ehly 204 9:50 - 11:50
Metric Mastery B
L: Tan C: Tsog, Hagemeister, Clark
Dolve 117 9:50 - 11:50
Rotor Egg Drop B
L: Sitz C: Sundquist, Sundquist, Moghaddam
Ehly Balcony 8:45 - 3:05
Technical Problem Solving C
L: Kariluoma C: Walker, Staskywicz, Johnson
Morril 109 8:45 - 3:05
Write It Do It B & C
L: Carlson C: McGee, Brooks
ECE 123/125 9:50 - 2:00
Generic Helper Division Facilitator(s) Location Time
Generic Helper N/A
National Anthem: Christensen
Breakfast Delivery: Sculthorp-Skrei, Lauer, Hull
Lunch Prep: Sculthorp-Skrei
Lunch Delivery: Sculthorp-Skrei, Wilson
Morning Registration: Lauer, Faulkner
Awards/MC: Christensen
Other: Weninger
1JSP = NW corner of Johnson Soccer Park
2BBFH = Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse
3ABEN = Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
4FLC = Katherine Kilbourne Burgum Family Life, 4-H Center
More information on Division B events is available on the national SO web site.
More information on Division C events is available on the national SO web site.
Official rules for events are available by contacting one of the state SO directors.
  1. Responsible for conducting the event according to the Current Science Olympiad Rules exactly as printed in the current Rules Manual. Do not assume that they are the same as last year. Read them carefully.
  2. Bring or obtain all material and questions necessary to conduct the event and coordinate with Co-Supervisor. The NDSU Science Olympiad office, FLC 316A, may have or can get many of the needed items. Please ask before the day of the event!
  3. Answer questions but don't give answers, which would give any team an unfair advantage.
  4. Encourage and challenge students in a professional and friendly manner.
  5. Complete the scoring sheet and return it to Science Olympiad Headquarters (FLC 314E) with all student papers and calculations used to figure final scores. Leave a set of questions and an answer key with your scores. Please plan to remain at headquarters after your scores have been turned in to answer questions of staff entering scores and arbitration team (usually less than five minutes). Every effort must be made to eliminate ties.
  6. Attend a facilitators meeting to answer questions (very important if you are new at facilitating).
  7. Communicate with Co-Facilitators to determine respective roles.
  8. Bring judging assistants or make certain that you have communicated in writing with the tournament site coordinator your needs for officials.
  9. Avoid a duplication of specimens or questions that you may have used at regional or state tournaments to avoid regional favoritism.
  10. Plan ahead and have a good time!
  1. Assist the Event Supervisor in the conduct of the event.
  2. Communicate with Supervisors to determine roles and responsibilities.
  3. Refer to numbers 1, 4, 6 and 9 in Event Supervisors list above.
  4. Plan ahead and have a good time!

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