Playing on Common Ground SymposiumCall for Projects and Proposals

The symposium, Playing on Common Ground, is built around learning with and from theatre and performance artists doing innovative work in many diverse, non-traditional methodologies. Key to this learning will be the ability to share ideas and projects with each other. By sharing these ideas and projects, symposium participants will have the opportunity to refine ideas, to cross-pollinate projects, to connect to a larger network of artists and practitioners, and to build a context for the learning of the symposium.

To that end, we are accepting submissions for projects and proposals presentations. In this session, practitioners will briefly present their project / idea (in any stage - from conception to completion). A facilitated feedback session and workshop will follow the presentations.

Who should submit:

You should submit a proposal if you answer yes to any or all of these questions:

  • Are you doing work or research in non-traditional theatre models, particularly around community based or socially engaged theater?
  • Do you have a non-traditional theatre project you’re working on?
  • Do you have an idea that needs feedback?
  • Do you want feedback on a project that didn’t go the way you expected?
  • Do you want to gain more exposure for your project?

Presentation submissions will be peer-reviewed before invitation.

About the presentation session:

Each presentation should address the following questions in regards to the project:

  • What is (was) the need?
  • What is (was) the hoped-for impact, both short- and long-term?
  • Who are (were) the main stakeholders and/or audience in the work?
  • What is the social and cultural context the project is taking place in?
  • How is (was) the project designed to meet the need and impact?
  • Who are (were) allies in this project?
  • Who or what are (were) impediments to the project?
  • If the project is completed, what worked? What didn’t?

Presenters are welcome to bring a display of the project be put up for the duration of the symposium. Physical displays are limited to 36” wide X 42” high and may be in poster or project board format. Multimedia displays must be no more than 2 minutes in length and must fit on a 4’ table and require 1 110v power outlet.

Submission process:

Please submit the following in .doc or .docx file format.

  • Project title - 30 words max
  • 100 word abstract
  • 250 word proposal – proposal should answer the same questions as listed under the "about the presentation session" section.
  • Anticipated multimedia needs

Please submit the following in a separate .doc or .docx file format

  1. Presenter(s) biographical information – no more than 100 words per presenter.

The presenter(s) must submit their multimedia in an acceptable form 2 days before the conference and be available for the 20-minute tech immediately before the session.

Submit proposals or any questions to

Proposals are due Monday, March 24, 2014.

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