Visiting Artist Series

Since 2009, the Department has put into place the practice of inviting stellar artists to visit the department for a few days, during which the artist gives a master class, a public lecture, and is available to students for critiques and portfolio reviews.

Since 2007, the department has hosted the following visiting artists and lecturers:  

  • Dr. Adrian Barr (art historian, contemporary Russia) 
  • Jason Briggs (ceramist)
  • Chase (aerosol artist)
  • Catherine Chauvin (printmaker)
  • Caleb Cole (photographer)
  • Krista Connerly (photographer)
  • Dr. Dennis Cooley (philosopher, Kant’s art theory)
  • Ken Dalgarno (printmaker)
  • Daniela Deeg (book artist)
  • DJ Spooky (sound innovator, in conjunction with the Plains Art Museum)
  • James Falck ([alumnus] painter, printmaker)
  • Judith Feist ([alumna] printmaker)
  • Kyle Fokken (sculptor)
  • Dr. Stephen Frech (printmaker)
  • Christian Gion ([alumnus] bookbinder
  • Anne Greenwood (printmaker)
  • Steven Hammer ([Ph.D. student] glitch art)
  • Emily Hazer ([alumna] printmaker
  • Susan Heggestad (printmaker)
  • Talicia Honkola(printmaker)
  • Jill Foote Hutton (ceramist, community narrative)
  • Eva Isaksen (printmaker)
  • Eric A. Johnson (printmaker)
  • Garth Johnson (ceramist)
  • Jill Johnson (installation art)
  • Ryan Labar (ceramist)
  • Lori Larusso (painter, printmaker, Rosenquist Fellow)
  • David Lewellyn ([alumnus] printmaker)
  • Brett Lysne (printmaker)
  • Dr. Frenchy Lunning (anime specialist)
  • Michelle Martin (printmaker)
  • David Martinson (broadside maker)
  • Megan Mitchell (ceramist)
  • Mitsuo (ceramist)
  • Nicole Maury (printmaker)
  • Michael Namkung (performance artist, Rosenquist Fellow)
  • Min Kim Park (videographer, photographer, Rosenquist Fellow)
  • Jonathan Pelliterri (sculptor, Rosenquist Fellow)
  • Phil Perschbacher (sculptor)
  • John Peterson (art historian, Marx’ art theory)
  • Walter Piehl (painter)
  • James Rosenquist (painter)
  • Hedi Schwoebel (sculptor, Rosenquist Fellow)
  • James Sham (performance artist, Rosenquist Fellow)
  • Laurie Sloan (printmaker)
  • Amy Smith (ceramist, Rosenquist Fellow)
  • Amy Smith & Sean Scott (ceramists)
  • Dr. Timothy Storsved ([alumnus] Physics & Art)
  • Rich Thomasson ([alumnus] printmaker)
  • Malcolm Thompson (printmaker)
  • Amy Uthus ([alumna] ceramist)
  • Jessica Wachter ([alumna] painter)
  • Star Wallowing Bull(painter, printmaker)

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