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Friends of Sudro Society

Up to $999



Mark and Lucille Call
Ellen I. Halonen
Burnice Pristash
Donald Spoonheim
Vernon Wagner


Bill and Dorothy Beardsley
David and Muriel Berg
Robert and Donna Beutler
Margaret F. Cline
Jerome and Jane Dufault
Dirk and Kay Gaspar
Roland and Laverne Gerberding
Charles and Yvonne Haeffner
Lorraine M. Hanson
Ray and Dorothy Harchanko
Ingrid Irani
Jane M. Jaffe
Joanne M. Janosco
Thomas Keaveny and Darby Driscoll Keaveny
Joan and Darwin Kelver
William and Patricia Lau
Paula Lawrence
Donald and Ruth Ljungren
Dean and Joyce Long
Stanley and Arlene Lundine
Richard P. Maves
Mac McCullough
Gordy and Vida Meland
Vernon Nichols
Harold F. Nilles
James W. Parkin D.D.S.
Cyril and Ora Peterson
Ervin and Sandra Reuther
Jack and Roberta Southam
Donald and Muriel Stilwell
Donald and Donna Tucker
Raymond and Annette Vellenga
Charles and Terryl Ann Wilharm


Rodney and Lyla Anderson
John and Mavis Askew
Ronald and Diane Bader
Heddi and Kusum Bhargava
Douglas and Janie Carlson
Bruce and Ona Cary
Marian B. Culbertson
Linn Danielski
Marlowe and Corinne Evenson
Edith Ferguson 
Richard and Alane Ferrell
Paul and Darlene Gast
John and Barb Gerlach
Bob and Susan Goetz
Gary and Joan Greenfield
Hugh G. Hallam
Robert and Darlene Harding
Ronald and Catherine Harlander
Kathleen P. Harter
Karen J. Hauff
Elroy Herbel
Ken and Carol Hopp
Gerald and Gayle Jochim
Dennis P. and Joan Johnson
Kay and Brad Johnson
Roger and Sandy Kohlman
Lyle and Kathryn Lamoureux
Sandra and Wayne Lane
Dallas and Karen Lang
Francis and Anna Lantz
Robert and Marilyn Mann
Robert and Rae Moe
David and Marilyn Moore
Karen Nordstrom
Richard and Nancy Offenhauser
Robert and Beverly Parmer
James and Janice Poppe
Carol and Ray Rauen
Robert and Patricia Rollins
James and Norma Rystedt
Maurice and Janet Salls
Cecil and Julie Schimke
Roger and Roberta Schmisek
Duane and Pat Schoeppach
Dr. Wayne F. Scott
Donovan and Tameka Seltvedt
Stephen and Sheila Semling
Richard W. Sharpe
John and Shirley Stanich
Robert Stoxen
Thomas and Alice Thompson
Paul and Donna Tunell
Terrel and Mickey Turnquist
Darven and Meryce Unruh
Mary L. Wacek
Patricia Walz and Marvin Hankel
David and Judith Weinkauf
Virginia D. Wells
Charles and Judith West
Paul and Sandra Westerberg
Bruce and Ana Maria Wexler


Elaine and Daniel Almblade
Steven and Joyce Bakkum
Dennis Bangen and Joan Quick Bangen
Kevin and Irene Berg
Renae and Lyle Best
Maureen and Ted Bratten
Joe and Sherry Brinster
James Bustrack
Larry and Doris Calhoun
Michael and Roberta Christensen
Carol and Dan Christianson
James and Cynthia Crane
Charles and Karen Cue
James and Inez Dawson
Mary Jo and James Dodd
Ronald Domonoske and Laurene Aanestad
Mark and Mary Erdrich
Sydney Evans
Lee and Frances Faust
Sue Fena
Thomas Fischer
Mark and Joanne Fitterer
John and Jan Flack
Candice and Ian Fleming
Leon and Cheryl Galehouse
Diane and Earl Goodmanson
William Gunderman
Laurel Haroldson
Robert Haskell
Randy and Pamela Hedin
Bob and Jackie Hoolihan
Wade and Sandra Hopkins
Jennifer and John Horihan
Janis and Stephen Johnson
Sandra J. Johnson
David and Doris Just
Thomas King and Frances Hollis King
Allan Klein and Cathleen Calvin Klein
Kenny and Becky Knutson
Paulette Knutson
Brant and Mary Krause
Robert and Marie Kuntz
Chiu-wing and Kwai-Woon Lam
David and Barbara Larson
Curt and Jean Laudon
Jeff and Janna Lindoo
John and Patricia Lowe
Debra and Richard Macias
Nancy and John Marquart
Thomas and Sandra Mathson
John and Anita Mattson
Peter and Phyllis McMahon
David and Mary Menzhuber
Daniel and Kimberly Mickelson
Stephen and Julie Mullen
Connie and Stanley Myers
John and Cynthia Naughton
Brien and Kristi Nelson
Bruce and Son Young Nelson
Wayne and Kristine Nelson
Loren and Jan Ness
Duane and Bonnie Neumann
James and Sandra Newman
Larry and Shelley Palmer
Gerald and Jane Parker
Richard and Helen Parker
Robert and Beverly Parmer
Randolph and Peggy Pitzer
Deanne Priebe
Michael and Sharyn Resvick
David and Michelle Robinson
Wanda M. Roden
James and Kathleen Rostedt
Pat M. Ryle
Tracy and Jerry Samson
Rod and Joan Schanilec
Craig Schmoker
Bryan and Connie Schulz
Alvin and Diana Schwindt
Ricki and David Shaw
Gene Skalko
Sue Ellen Smith
Steven and Nancy Sobczak
Bruce and Cindy Stacy
Richard and Carole Stamm
Joey and Kurt Stiver
Jim Taylor
Norma and Norman Theien
William and Rebecca Thurn
Janice and Truman Tilleraas
Timothy and Cynthia Wagner
Debra and James Walker
Neal and Kim Walker
Paul and Vicky Walker
Connie J. Webb
Doris and Brad Weinrich
Benita R. Welch
Dale and Laurie Whitehead
Dennis Wieland
Francis and Harriet Young
Dale and Rebecca Zlebnik


Tim Bachmeier
Gary and Patricia Barker
Janet M. Barnick
Constance and Daniel Brandner
Derrik and Beverly Clay
Gerry Faller and Lucinda Foss-Faller
Renee and Jerry Farlee
Nora Frohberg and Robert Herting
Kurt and Ann Gramith
Jana and Mark Hanson
David Haussler
Paul Hochhalter
Joan and David Ice
Rusel and Becky Jagim
Laura and William Jensen
Christine and Gregg Johnson
Scott and Lisa Johnson
Michael and Rhonda Joldersma
Julie and James Kauffman
Mark and Diane Kessler
Paul and Jane Kozma
Rachel and James Kupfer
Jim and Martha Landmark
Timothy and Denise Lapp
Larry and Debbie Larsen
Rebecca and Jeffrey LeDoux
Jane and Grant Lindstrom
Cheryl and Steven Lovas
Stephen and Theresea Mareck
Kim Martin
Deanna and Richard Nelson
Jerry Olson
Karen and John Pasko
Louise and Leland Paulson
Mark and Stacy Plencner
Ross and Iris Rafferty
Lani and David Roberts
Andrew and Dawn Rozinka
Dale Rudolph
Ann M. Schloesser
Gary and Karen Semmens
Jacqueline and Russell Starr
Douglas and Kimberly Statler
Mary Stende-Miller and David Miller
Kim and Jack Storey
Debra and Roy Tinguely
Becky and Brian Twamley
Greg and Kimberly Wagner
Steven and Geraldine Wentz
Margaret A. Wimmer
Sandra and John Zander


Brian and DeAnn Ament
Denae R. Bachmeier
Jodi and Brian Behrens
Donald and Gretchen Brophy
Erik and Sara Christenson
Angelina and Dan Crowell
Mark and Chelle Dewey
Julie and Nathan Falk
Karen M. Finck
Krista and Matthew Freed
Elizabeth S. Grandbois
Kristine and Brad Gullickson
Kristopher and Tara Haugen
Jennifer and Jeffrey Iverson
Kevin Johnson
Scott and Sheryl Kosel
Jeffrey and Robin Larson
Betty J. Lee
Shao Li and Haoran He
Joseph Mauer
Patrick and Samantha McDonough
Jill and Robert McRitchie
Kari and Bruce Nelson
Shari and John Olander
Kenton and Lisa Omvig
Kari and Darrel Pastorek
Matthew and Tiffany Paulson
Michael and Kenrea Perell
Esther and Mark Roehl
Kristin and Craig Rudd
Nathan and Barb Schlecht
Gregory and Laura Smith
Michelle and Robert Steiger
Nicole C. Visitacion
Wendy and Jason Weber
Shane and Mary Wendel
Barry and Karla Westbrook
Kenneth and Sheryl Wilder
Lisa and Matthew Wiley
Brent and Michelle Williams
JoLayne and Bill Wyeth


Nicole and Adam Barnett
Michael and Haley Berg
Sibao and Hongmei Chen
Nicole and Chad Christensen
Daniel and Heather Churchill
Katherine and Thomas Cinnamon
Lynne and Michael Edstrom
Sara and Dana Erickson
Jillian and Clark Gion
Lucas Glarum
Amy and Randy Gullett
Nathan and Jolena Hagen
Paul B. Heim
Laura B. Hilde
Nicole and Brian Kjesbo
Justin and Jill Muth
Nehal B. Patel
Lawrence Patnaude
Jennifer and Kevin Peterson
Jason and Brandie Reames
Julie R. Seidlinger
John and Nicole Sherven
Elizabeth and Matthew Skoy
Thomas and Alicia Uhde
Beth and Jayse Wharam
Suzanne and Andrew Winter

Friends of the Pharmacy Program

Julie R. Bartelson
Thomas Christensen
LaRon Croft
Cathy and Tim Cusey
Melissa M. Eslinger
Deborah and Gregory Fuller
Susan A. Hansmann
James and Charlotte Hardy
David and Bonnie Harris
Sharon Hesch
Mandi and Michael Hoernemann
Laurie and Suszette Hoffbeck
Stephen and Connie Hulst
Duane and Nancy Hultgren
Marlys Iverson
Gordon and Sharon Kadrmas
Rita M. Kaeding
Maralee and Douglas Kalianoff
Thomas and Cheryl Kampa
Kurt and Cynthia Kessler
Shoukry W. Khalil
Jon and Diana Kowalski
Gary and Barbara Lacher
Shek H. Law
Sanku and Ipsita Mallik
Ronald and Mary Miller
Julie and Kevin Nelson
Paul and Anne Nyren
Lori A. Peterson
Todd and Lorie Peterson
Keith and Jodi Schieler
David Scott
Jean and Michael Seltvedt
Jodi and Scott Sletten
Dorinda and Scott Sorvig
Lennae and Mark Stevens
Rickie Tooker and Angela Kersling
Stefan Vetter and Estelle Leclerc
Elizabeth and Jeffrey Walbruch
Craig Wentzel
Dale and Kristi Weston
Stan Wright

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