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Escort Service

The escort service is provided 24/7 by the University Police & Safety Office as a personal safety and security service for students and employees.  Individuals who have a concern for their personal safety and security in walking on the campus may call the University Police at 231-8998.  Individuals requesting this service should be calling from a place of safety since escort services may be delayed due to the availability of police officers and/or public safety officers who are on duty.  Individuals will be required when calling to provide their name and NDSU ID number, as well as stating their safety concern in order to utilize this service.

Escorts are conducted by NDSU police officers and/or public safety officers and may be performed by walk-along escorts or by vehicle transport.  The University Police will reserve the right to refuse this service if it is deemed by the information obtained from the requestor that the reason is not justified for personal safety and security needs, that the requestor does not provide the necessary name and identification, or if the escort is not deemed to be either from NDSU facilities or property for which it has a responsibility or to a location which is not deemed to be in the immediate vicinity of the university responsibility.  NDSU will try to accommodate locations for drop off which are in the immediate vicinity of NDSU’s responsibilities with a general guideline being locations immediately adjacent to NDSU property lines, excluding any alcohol establishments.

Any individual seeking this service based on a personal safety and security need but is not in a place of safety, should clearly identify this need and situation as the University Police will prioritize this response and determine the unsafe condition and identify any need for corrective action to include the possibility of providing the individual an escort.

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