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Flaxseed for food - text or pamphlet
Recipes for baking
. Flax Your Way to Better Health & The Amazing Flax Cookbook
A source of seed and information

An index of the Flax Institute proceedings 1932-2010.

The 61st Flax Institute - March 2006  Program - Abstracts   Attendance list
The 62nd Flax Institute - March 2008 Program - Abstracts   Attendance list
The 63rd Flax Institute - March 2010 Program - Abstracts   Attendance list
The 64th Flax Institute - March 2012 Program - Abstracts

The 65th Flax Institute, March 27-28, 2014, Thursday and Friday Tentative Program, in Fargo, ND
   Registration for the 65th Flax Institute

Copies of the Proceedings may be order for $12/each plus $4 postage ($US) to deliver.
Order should be accompanied by a check or money order payable to the Flax Institute.
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