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  November 2011  |  Volume 2, Issue 6
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Grants.gov Could Be Your One-Stop Shop for Funding

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as the days after Thanksgiving are called, may boast the best retail shopping deals for the holidays, but if you're looking for grants to fund your scholarly activity, Grants.gov could be your one-stop shop.  Grants.gov is a free government website to FIND as well as APPLY for federal grants. All discretionary grants offered by the 26 federal grant-making agencies can be found on Grants.gov.

From the website's homepage, you can click on Find Grant Opportunities to conduct grant searches based on criteria you select. By clicking on Subscriptions, one can subscribe to receive email notifications of new grant opportunity postings and updates on Grants.gov.

One clarification: You do not have to register with Grants.gov to find grant opportunities. But once you are ready to actually apply for a grant, Grants.gov will instruct you to Get Registered. However, NDSU faculty, staff and students do NOT need to register, since the institution has already registered on your behalf.

Once you have found a grant opportunity for which you wish to apply by entering a specific search criteria, click the "Application" button in the grant opportunity synopsis to download the application package. Downloading the application package provides you the ability to complete the forms offline on your own desktop and to distribute it to others in your organization who may assist you in preparing the grant application. You are advised to allow plenty of time - ideally a month or more - to prepare your application. Make sure you have an approved version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software before you start work on the application materials - and this is not always the latest version available.

Unlike NSF's Fastlane, in which you are working on a web server, a Grants.gov application is prepared on your own desktop, then emailed as a complete package when you are ready to submit it. As with all types of grant proposals, your Grants.gov application must be routed through the proper channels of NDSU's Proposal Transmittal Form approval process before final online submission to the grant agency.

An Applicant Resources webpage offers links to user guides and other helpful information on how to use Grants.gov. NDSU's contact for questions about using Grants.gov is Jan Oelrich, Budget and Program Officer, who also completes the final online submission of all NDSU Grants.gov applications to grant agencies. Email janet.oelrich@ndsu.edu.

NIH AREA: Watch for Changes in Grant Programs

Be sure to check out the November 2, 2011, NIH Guide notice for the latest PA (program announcement) of the NIH Academic Research Enhancement Awards (AREA) or R15 grants. A popular grant program for NDSU researchers, AREA is targeted at colleges and health professional schools that have received less than $6 million a year in NIH funds in at least four of the last seven years. These grants provide support for small-scale research projects that expose undergrads or graduate students to NIH-funded research.

As with any annual or regularly-offered grant program, potential applicants are advised to be sure that they have the latest program guidelines before writing a grant proposal. Although the program remains basically the same from cycle to cycle, always read the latest PA for changes from the previous version. For example, this latest AREA announcement, PA-12-006, clarifies budget language and multiple PI policy for R15s, has additional details on special submission requirements, and includes revised review criteria.

For more Information on AREAs, read the Academic Research Enhancement Awards SOP and go to NIH Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) Grants.

One More Time: Is Your Research on the Cover?

As indicated in last month's issue, if your research has appeared on the cover of a scientific journal in the past five years, please email kay.sizer@ndsu.edu and list the name of the journal(s), title of your journal article(s) that appeared on the cover and link to the article(s). Information will be compiled to illustrate the depth and breadth of NDSU research activities. Thank you for your assistance.

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Don't miss the companion newsletter that accompanies each issue of this newsletter. Click on Research Development & Grant Writing News in the right hand column and enter your NDSU email log-in. You will have access to valuable tips for developing your research program and winning grants. Graduate student and postdoc opportunities are also included.

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Co-hosted by ND Farmers Union, this summit will cover the state of precision agriculture, emerging trends, technological applications and demonstrations for successful implementation. Attendees can expect hands-on demonstrations of precision agriculture technologies, applications, procedures and tools designed to reduce producer cost and to increase farm efficiency. Co-organizers for the summit are the Dakota Precision Ag Center at Lake Region State College and NDSU’s Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering.
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Gear Up for Grants Seminar
"Research Data Management"
January 18, 2012, 3:00–4:30 p.m.
NDSU Memorial Union-Arikara Room
Presented by the Research and Data Working Group
Come learn more about a new working group that is tasked with developing resources to further support research activities at NDSU. This multi-disciplinary working group is charged with two key areas of focus: to identify the impact of research on campus cyberinfrastructure; and to provide assistance to investigators as they develop data management plans, now required by several federal funding agencies.
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