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  May 2012  |  Volume 3, Issue 4
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CCAST Provides Variety of Tools for Researchers

NDSU’s supercomputing center, CCAST, is available to students, faculty and staff researchers, and available for researchers and industry that are partnering with NDSU. With secure facilities in NDSU’s Research and Technology Park, CCAST provides High Performance Computing infrastructure to the entire NDSU Campus. While the majority of computational workload comes from hard and life science and engineering departments, CCAST is especially interested in engaging students and faculty in traditionally computationally underrepresented disciplines such as sociology, psychology, political science, and liberal arts, to name a few, according to Dr. Martin Ossowski, CCAST director. 

More than 180 researchers currently engage in more than 50 projects using CCAST facilities at NDSU. Ossowski says today’s supercomputing  environment emphasizes not just speed, but the ability to help researchers tailor software to conduct their research, as well as meeting researchers’ data lifecycle needs. In addition, CCAST at NDSU serves as an on-ramp for researchers to access even larger computational highways. For example, CCAST helps researchers access national resources such as XSEDE (National Science Foundation Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment), INCITE (U.S. Department of Energy Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory  and Experiment), and OSG (cross-agency Open Science Grid).

“We encourage faculty to collaborate on proposals,” said Ossowski. “CCAST can also help to include requests for equipment which is necessary to carry out the proposed computational activities. We are developing a portfolio of energy, health and welfare related computational research and welcome ideas for collaborative research initiatives from NDSU faculty, students, and staff.”

NDSU’s Vice President for Research, Dr. Philip Boudjouk, notes that facilities such as CCAST are increasingly important for scientific research. “Computer modeling can save money before even conducting lab experiments. All the data then has to be analyzed. Computers and data storage facilities can help make the data permanently useful to scientists for future research."

The National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health now require a Data Management Plan (DMP) that describes your plans for research data storage, backup, protection, and sharing. An NDSU committee called the Research Data Working Group (RDWG), representing mainly NDSU Libraries and Information Technology Services (ITS), is investigating ways to provide resources to best meet such needs.

Access Proposal Transmittal Form Online

Grant applicants are reminded to access NDSU's grant Proposal Transmittal Form (PTF) online each time it is needed, rather than save the form on one's desktop for future use. The PTF is the internal form used to gather signatures for university support and approval to submit a grant application to an outside agency. Since the form is regularly revised and updated to meet new requirements and improve the process, it is important that applicants access the latest version available, which is online. The Proposal Transmittal Form can be found on the RCATT forms webpage at http://www.ndsu.edu/research/spa/form.html. To learn more about proposal processing for university approval, see http://www.ndsu.edu/research/spa/proposal_approval.html.

NDSU Researchers in the News

Interest continues in research underway at NDSU. Here’s just a sample of media coverage. Some links to these news outlets are available for a limited time.

NDSU looks at plants to determine climate changes

Are cramps caused by lack of salt?

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Research provides clues for effective management of Minnesota Duck Depot

NVIDIA hopes more researchers can use supercomputing technology

NDSU student wins national award for best social science research

Why dead celebs make us nostalgic

If you’d like to suggest a story highlighting NDSU research, let us know. While we may not be able to use every suggestion, we would like to hear from you.

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Upcoming Events

Renewable Materials Summit: Markets for Building the Biorefinery
Hosted by the Red River Valley Research Corridor
May 15, 2012
Holiday Inn of Fargo-Fargo, ND
Growing demand and advancing technology in the renewable materials industry have created exciting opportunities for businesses to grow across the Upper Midwest and Canada, from agriculture and forest products through manufacturing and retail. The Renewable Materials Summit: Markets for Building the Biorefinery will highlight and explore the companies and markets that are driving opportunities for returns on investment that leverage the emerging bioeconomy. See more information >>

Grant Coordinators Meeting
Sponsored by the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration
May 16, 2012, 10:00-11:00a.m.
NDSU Memorial Union-Meadowlark Room
Grant Coordinators is an informal campus group organized by NDSU Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) Office. Meetings include informational presentations by staff from SPA and Grant & Contract Accounting, which are intended to provide new information, support and assistance to staff members regarding management of grants. Meetings encourage networking with other staff members and allow opportunity for questions and answers. See more information >>

UAS Action Summit 2012: "From Battlefield to Farm Field"
Hosted by the Red River Valley Research Corridor, U.S. Senators Kent Conrad & John Hoeven, and the City of Grand Forks
May 22-23, 2012
Alerus Center-Grand Forks, ND
Join the 6th UAS Action Summit with honorary co-hosts, U.S. Senators Kent Conrad and John Hoeven, to hear from presenters, including industry leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs and researchers. They will discuss how actions in the region and the nation can foster strong, sustainable growth in the unmanned systems sector. This year’s theme, “From Battlefield to Farm Field,” will examine an entire spectrum of important measures our nation and the industry must consider and prepare for to meet the ongoing use and growth of unmanned, or remotely piloted, systems within the national airspace in defense and commercial applications. Hear from leading experts, industry leaders, and federal policy makers on a range of other important topics including FAA test sites and restricted airspace, emerging UAS training, precision agriculture and other civilian/commercial applications. See more information >>

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