International NDSU Research: A Window to the World

Many NDSU research projects have international ties. Provided here are some examples of how NDSU is making an impact around the world. Some of these links may be available for a limited time only.

Region of the World News Title
Samoa (Samoa News) Ofu Yields Significant Archaeological Find
India (The Times of India) Punjab Agricultural University Professor Invited as a Visiting Faculty by a University in USA
Pakistan Babies Learn Better in Sitting Posture: Study
India Assam Children Excel in Global Scientific Project
Japan NDSU Nano Research Could Impact Flexible Electronic Devices—see label #9
(English version)
South Africa RFID Tags Ditch the Antenna
Russian Federation North Dakota State Univ. Research Team Develops Antennaless RFID Tag

United Kingdom





Researchers Develop RFID-enabled Paper
US Engineers Develop Smart RFID-enabled Paper
Smarta sedlar kan forhindra bedragerier

Epailetko vaarennokseksi? Alypaperi varmistaa setelin aitouden

Rfid sulla carta, per tracciare denaro e documenti

Smart Money: cientistas desenvolvem o papel com chip

France Des Etiquettes RFID Sans Antenne

Bientot des billets de banque equipes de puces RFID ?
Australia Antenna-less RFID Tags Work with Metal and Water
India (News Track India) Chicks Inside Eggs Sense External Environments and Adjust Development
Italy NDSU Research Foundation Conclude Contratto di licenza con rivestimenti speciali Elinor
Netherlands (SchildersVAK) Revolutionary biobased resins developed at NDSU
Asia ( NDSU Researchers Develop Biobased Resin for Coating Technology
Korea (Biosafety Clearinghouse) NDSU Researchers Develop Biobased Resin for Coating Technology
Germany (Innovations Report) NDSU Develops Innovative Laser-Enabled Electronic Packaging Technology
United Kingdom (UK) NDSU Moves Tech to C2Renew
UK and US (+Plastic Electronics) Flexible Silicon Electronics By Laser Processing
Malaysia (The Malaysian Insider) Sweet Tooth Linked to Pleasant Disposition
Bangladesh (Bangladesh News) Sweet Tooth Linked to Pleasant Disposition: Study

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