Pre- and Post-Award Administration

Budget Revisions Needed

Occasionally, a grant agency determines that it would like to fund a proposal but at an amount less than what was requested in the budget. In such cases, the agency will often contact the applicant and request a revised budget. If you are asked by a grant agency to revise your proposed budget, you do not need to complete a new proposal transmittal form. Rather, before sending a revised budget to the grant agency, you should do the following:

  • Make a copy of the original signed proposal transmittal form (PTF)
  • Write REVISED at the top of the PTF copy in large letters
  • Attach it to your revised budget pages
  • Bring all to the Office of Sponsored Programs for re-review and final approval
  • Once signed, send the revised budget to the grant agency.

If you have questions, please contact Marie Slanger, phone 231.5259 or email


Change in Principal Investigator (PI)

Contact Sponsored Programs Administration, for more information about this process.


If you are leaving NDSU...

In order to provide a more efficient close-out of grants and compliance protocols for departing faculty and staff who have been involved in these activities, the Offices of Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) and Restricted Fund Accounting have developed a Disposition Form which lists your current awards and compliance protocols. As soon as word is received that you will be leaving, the Disposition Form will be sent to you indicating your current grant awards and compliance protocols. You will be asked to indicate how the grant awards and protocols are to be resolved before your departure (e.g. naming a new P.I., closing protocols). These arrangements often necessitate discussion with your department chair and/or your dean. At times, it may be necessary to negotiate an arrangement between NDSU and a new university employer. With regard to grants, such negotiations may be conducted and must be approved by the authorized institutional representative. Once the Disposition Form has been returned, the SPA Office will work with you to request approval from the respective grant agency for grant transfers and/or the designation of a new principal investigator. Other factors to consider:

- If a grant or contract is being transferred, approval from the grant agency must be obtained.
- If a grant is to remain at NDSU, a new principal investigator must be named who will assume responsibilities for the balance of the project. The grant agency must be notified and provide written approval for the new principal investigator to assume responsibility for the project.

Contact Sponsored Programs Administration, for more information about this process.


Material Transfer Agreements

The nature of research is such that new discoveries build on previous research. For this process to continue, it is often necessary to share research materials and data with other researchers. The way institutions share research materials and data is by way of material transfer agreements (MTAs). An MTA is a contract between institutions that dictates the terms of transfer of research materials from the donor institution to the recipient. The purpose of the MTA is to protect the intellectual property rights, as well as other rights, of the provider while permitting research with the material to proceed.

Contact Joycelyn Love, phone 231.5624l for more information about this process.


No-Cost Time Extensions on Grants

If necessary, funding agencies will generally allow for no-cost time extensions on grant projects. Depending on its policy, an agency may allow a grantee institution to approve a time extension, or the granting agency itself may need to approve the time extension. Some agencies also require that extension requests be submitted a specified number of days in advance of the grant expiration date. Consult your grant agreement or grant agency policy for instructions.

To request a no-cost time extension on a grant, send a letter to the NDSU authorized institutional representative and include the following information: sponsoring agency, principal investigator, title of project, fund number, reason for extension request, grant expiration date, and requested length of time extension. Upon approval, the extension request will be forwarded to the grant agency.

There are three variations to the above procedure:
1. The National Science Foundation (NSF) uses an electronic submission process called Fastlane. All extension requests for NSF grants should be done on this system. Once submitted, the extension will be sent electronically to the NDSU Office of Sponsored Programs Administration for review and submission to the NSF.
2. If the grant is from USDA/CSREES, submit the requested information to Ona Vig in the NDSU Ag Administration Budget Office.
3. If the grant is from the State Board of Agricultural Research and Education (SBARE), contact Lori Capouch, phone 701.663.6501, and submit the required information.

Questions regarding no-cost time extensions on grants should be directed to Marie Slanger, phone 231.5259.


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