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NDSU has an impressive array of highly qualified and skilled researchers, conducting basic and applied research in a wide variety of disciplines. The discoveries over the years have truly advanced scientific knowledge, helped industries and companies succeed in the marketplace, and been of benefit to the citizens of our state and society as a whole.

In NDSU's many collaborations with other entities, the NDSU/TTO seeks to protect the proprietary information of our own researchers, as well as respect the boundaries of our research partners. Successful commercialization of a discovery often depends on the confidentiality and protection of those early research efforts.

Proper Protection Benefits Everyone

As a land-grant institution, NDSU is a tax-exempt, non-profit educational institution existing under the Constitution and other laws of the State of North Dakota. Buildings and equipment are often financed under tax exempt bonds. In particular, under IRS Rev. Proc. 97-14, NDSU cannot offer a sponsor of research the opportunity to obtain any resulting Intellectual Property (IP) on a royalty-free basis. Private business use of these facilities may also have tax consequences for NDSU and/or may affect the university's tax-exempt status.

Another condition is also relevant if an invention is funded in whole or in part by federal funds: the Bayh-Dole Act applies, and the federal government has a right to the invention if they choose to exercise that right.

When a researcher seeks third-party research funding, such as sponsored research funds from corporate, consortia or private granting agencies, each funding agreement contains provisions that will specifically address intellectual property rights to the resulting research products. The Sponsored Programs Administration office negotiates these third-party funding agreements. In the last several years, NDSU has expanded its research efforts significantly, reaching around $100 million annually, partnering with hundreds of private companies and government agencies to research questions of interest. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Sponsored Research

Any organization, either private or government, that would like to sponsor research at NDSU should work with the Sponsored Program Administration, whose role it is to encourage, facilitate, and supportthe efforts of NDSU faculty and staff in pursuit of external funding to support their research and scholarly activities.

The SPA office also ensures that research and other scholarly activities, particularly activities supported by external sources, observe the policies and procedures of the University, state, federal, and other sponsors. They are also the entity within NDSU that is authorized to negotiate and sign sponsored research agreements. Their website is

Research Inquiry

Many times, a company is looking for a fast answer for their development needs. By collaborating with NDSU researchers on new efforts or contacting the NDSU Research Foundation (NDSU/RF) for technologies available for license, there may be pathways to success waiting to be discovered.

If your company would like added information about a particular topic, please complete the attached form and have it returned to the NDSUTTO. The NDSU/RF can also facilitate discussions regarding technologies available for license, or you can view them at

Industry Research Inquiry Form

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