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The President shall:



1. Preside at meetings of the Hall Government and the Executive Board.
2. Attend the RHA general body meetings and represent Churchill Hall fulfilling all duties of an RHA representative.
3. Represent the hall at all functions which require representation.
4. Put into effect all mandates passed by the Churchill Hall Government.
5. Have the authority to appoint and create committees.
6. Set the agenda for the Hall Government meetings.
7. Meet regularly with the Hall Government advisor(s).

The Vice-President/RHA Representative shall:



1. Assume duties of the president in his absence.
2. Become President if the former president is unable to continue with the office.
3. Attend all RHA Programming Council meetings.
4. Serve as a liaison between the RHA Programming Council and Churchill Hall Government.
5. Inform Hall Government of all sponsored RHA Programming Council meetings and events.


The Administrator shall:

1. Record minutes at hall meetings.
2. Take care of all necessary correspondence.
3. Be in charge of maintenance and updates of the Churchill Hall Government Bulletin Board and Blackboard.
4. Post a copy of the minutes within three business days after the meeting on the Hall Government Blackboard site, and electronically distribute a copy of the minutes to the executive board and advisor(s).
5. Be in charge of all advertising for Hall Government programs.
6. Be default chair of all committees unless a different chair is appointed by the President.

The Treasurer shall:

1. Handle all financial matters of the Churchill Hall Government which include, but are not limited to: hall dues, budgets, and accounts payable vouchers.
2. Report current financial positions at each hall government meeting.
3. Prepare the yearly budget and submit to audits as required by University regulations.
4. Meet regularly with advisor(s).

The Dining Services Representative shall:

1. Attend all Dining Center meetings.
2. Serve as a liaison between Dining Services and the Churchill Hall Government.
3. Inform the Churchill Hall Government of all Dining Services changes and events.
4. Solicit ideas from the residents of Churchill Hall about ways to improve Dining Services or issues the residents may be having.


  1. Executive Board meetings are once a week (at a time to be discussed at a later date)
  2. Hall Government meetings are once a week (at a time to be discussed at a later date)
  3. Other weekly meeting as listed in duties of executive board (applies to President and Treasurer only)



Churchill Hall Government Application

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