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Residence Life




· Delegate/give out jobs
· Meet with the Hall Director on a weekly basis
· Communicate well with Hall Director
· Prepare Agendas and send to Hall Director to print by NOON on Tuesdays
· Attend all RHA meetings and report on them at Hall Gov
· Lead Hall Gov meetings
· Oversee all Hall Gov programs
· Keep residents informed about hall activities
· Encourage residents to get involved


· Attend RHA Meetings and report on them at Hall Gov
· Run Hall Gov meeting if the President is absent
· Have strong communication with the President

· Keep track of attendance
· Come up with and ask the “question of the week” to start meetings
· Post the last meeting minutes by Thursday of each week to Blackboard


· Handle hall finances
· Keep track of what has been allocated at each meeting and send that in an email attachment to Hall Director
· Update on budget at Hall Gov
· Meet with Hall Director on a weekly basis
· Keep an updated log of how Hall Gov is spending money

Dining Services Rep

· Attend dining services meetings
· Take suggestions/feedback from residents to the dining services meeting
· Update Hall Gov on the last dining services meeting
· Send out an email to the hall to gather suggestions/feedback before you go to the dining services meeting (or come up with another way to gather suggestions or feedback from the hall).

Programming Council Rep

· Attend Programming council meetings
· Keep the hall updated on other programs throughout campus
· Get other people, outside of hall gov, involved in campus events

Dinan Hall Government Application

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