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The President shall:

a. Preside at meetings of the hall government and executive committee, and
b. Have the authority to appoint committee heads not previously designated
c. Coordinate all activities of the Sevrinson Hall Government, and
d. Coordinate first (Fall) semester elections for the vice president, communications coordinator, RHA Representative and Programming Counsel Representative, and
e. Appoint ex-officio officers, and
f. Attend RHA meetings with RHA Representative, and
g. Appoint persons to fill elected positions if no one is elected to fill that position, and
h. Appoint persons to fill elected positions temporarily when they are vacated, and
i. Appoint a proxy or represent the hall at all functions requiring representation, and
j. Handle all necessary correspondence, and
k. Create and print out agendas for regular hall government meetings, and
l. Be able to vote only in the case of a deadlock ballot.

The Vice President/ Programming Counsel Representative shall:

a. Assume the duties of the President when the President is absent, and
b. Act as chairperson of all committees, and
c. Appoint members to all committees, and
d. Plan and implement hall programs, and
e. Attend RHA, when given proper notice, in the event that the President is unable to attend, and
f. Attend Hall Government and Programming Counsel meetings which are approximately one (1) hour long, and
g. Promote and organize resident involvement in Programming Counsel activities, and
h. Report Programming Counsel information, events and decisions at the regular Hall Government meetings, and
i. Conduct a vote at the Hall Government meeting when required by the Programming Counsel.

The Communications Coordinator shall:

a. Publicize events sponsored by hall government, and
b. Obtain materials requested by the hall government, and
c. Keep records/minutes of all regular hall government meetings, and
d. Keep attendance records of all members, and
e. Post copies of the minutes on the bulletin board in the lobby and submit copies of the minutes to the hall director.

The Treasurer shall:

a. Work with the president and the advisors to create a budget proposal which will be presented to the full hall government body, and
b. Maintain an accurate record of the hall government budget, keeping aware of how much has been spent or allocated from each part of the budget, and
c. Meet with the advisors regularly to communicate the status of the account, concerns or questions, and outstanding bills, and
d. Pay all bills promptly, and
e. Report on the state of the hall government finances at each regular meeting.

Residence Hall Association Representative shall:

a. Attend all RHA meetings and speak for the residents of Sevrinson Hall – The RHA representative is elected to represent the residents of Sevrinson Hall with the Sevrinson Hall President at the main governing body of all NDSU resident students, and
b. Serve as a liaison between RHA and the hall government, and
c. Report RHA information, events and decisions at each regular meeting, and
d. Abide by all rules set forth in the RHA constitution and e. Report on all programs brought to RHA by the RHA Programming Counsel Director in the event that the programming counsel representative was unable to attend the programming counsel meeting.

Dining Services Representative shall:

a. Consist of a floor representative who attends both Dining Services and Hall Government meetings, and
b. Solicits feedback from Sevrinson Hall Residents, and
c. Must find a Resident of Sevrinson Hall to attend the Dining Services Meeting or Hall Government meeting in the case of an absence, and
d. Reports Dining services information, events, and decisions at the regular Hall Government meetings.

Sevrinson Hall Government Application


  • Be able to attend Hall Government Exec Meetings + All Hall Meetings (determined by Executive Board) 
  • President and RHA Representative must be able to attend all RHA Meetings (Monday evenings @7pm) 
  • Dining Services Representative must be able to attend Dining Services meetings (Thursdays @ 5:30pm) 
  • RHA Programming Council Representative must be able to attend RHA Programming Council meetings (Wednesdays @ 5:30pm) 
  • All Exec positions must maintain at minimum of a 2.0 Cumulative GPA
  • All Exec positions must maintain good judicial standing at NDSU

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