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The Commission shall consist of the Executive Commissioner, at least three Senators, and at least four At Large members appointed by the Executive Commissioner and approved by the Senate. The maximum number of elected/appointed is at the discretion of the Executive Commissioner. The Senators shall be selected from and by the current Senate. Applications for At Large members shall be announced over the Student ANNOUNCEment Listserv the first two weeks of the academic year and as necessary.


Duties of the Executive Commissioner

Academic and Students Affairs Commission aims at improving the student experience at NDSU. The ASA Commissioner addresses the concerns of the Student Body and gives input to University committees on students’ views and opinions. The ASA Commissioner must respond appropriately to student concerns relating to both academic and student affairs. The ASA Commissioner is tasked with appointing students to committees as well as organizing a commission that meets on a weekly basis. Some of the various tasks ASA has done in the past include Bison Pride Friday, The NDSU Student Discount Card, Holiday Lighting, and many more. The Commission has written legislation on Advising and general education models. The best part of ASA Commissioner is you can work on whatever you deem important to Academic and Student Affairs.

Commission Meetings

Tuesday at 8PM in the Student Government Office


Duties of the Commission

Address the concerns of the Student Body and give input to University committees on students’ views and opinions. Respond appropriately to student concerns relating to both academic and student affairs. Meet on a weekly basis, excluding holidays and finals week, or as deemed necessary by the Commissioner. Each member of the Commission is encouraged to have an individual project for which they are responsible. Establish an outline of the Commission’s goals at the beginning of each semester. Attempt to achieve a balance between projects focusing on student services and projects focusing on academic affairs.

Time: Wednesday at 7:30PM, in the Student Government Office


Contact Information
Noah Engels, Executive Commissioner of Academic & Student Affairs

Please contact Noah Engels with any student concerns or questions about ASA.


Members of ASA



About the ASA Executive Commissioner

Noah Engels

Hometown: Maddock, ND

Major: Ag. Economics

Hobby: Water Polo, Stamp Collecting, Golfing

Fun Fact: One of his legs is shorter than the other

Organizations: Bison Ambassadors, Ag. Business Club, S&S

Commission Minutes



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