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At its core, the purpose of the Student Government Finance Commission is to safeguard the Student Activity Fee. We prepare, administer, and supervise the distribution of the Fee; we audit those recipients of it; and we make recommendations to the Student Senate as to how they might go about allocating it in a manner consistent with the Fee’s mission of serving students in a responsible manner.

We have various methods of ensuring that the Student Activity Fee is allocated responsibly, including our annual budgeting process for student organizations, our contingency fund to ensure coverage of unforeseen expenses, our special project fund to cover unique events that can benefit the NDSU community as a whole, the temporary fund to ensure funding for temporary organizations, and the reserve fund to cover large-scale projects that will have a lasting impact on this University.

The Executive Commissioner of Finance is charged with overseeing and distributing the $3.8 million Student Activity Fee to various departments and student organizations in collaboration with the Assistant Executive Commissioner of Finance and the Finance Commission. The Executive Commissioner of Finance chairs the Finance Commission and Finance Advisory Board and serves as a member on the Student Fee Advisory Board and Great Rides Bikeshare Board of Directors. Main responsibilities include administering the Student Government Budget for all Executives, Student Court, and Student Senate; and preparing and presenting the annual Student Activity Fee Budget, along with the Student Body President, for final approval by the University President. The Executive Commissioner of Finance typically spends on average 15-20 hours a week during the academic year in the Student Government Office, and 10 hours a week outside of the office. This position is appointed by the Student Body President and Vice President and approved by the Student Senate for a one-year term, starting in April.

The Assistant Executive Commissioner of Finance works in tandem with the Executive Commissioner of Finance to oversee the proper allocation of the Student Activity Fee. Within that, the main responsibility of the Assistant Executive Commissioner of Finance is to work with Tier II student organizations for their funding questions, requests, and reimbursement. The Assistant Executive Commissioner of Finance serves as secretary of both the Finance Commission and Finance Advisory Board and relays the minutes and documents to senators.  Each week the Assistant Executive Commissioner of Finance spends about 10 to 15 hours in the office. The Assistant Executive Commissioner of Finance serves a term of one year starting and ending in April. 

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Contact Information

    Jay Homan, Executive Commissioner of Finance
    Mason Wenzel, Assistant Executive Commissioner of Finance
Please contact Jay and Mason at with any questions regarding finance and organization financial forms.

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