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Allison Aakre

B.A., Anthropology, North Dakota State University

I grew up in Hawley, MN.  My focus is on archaeology of the Pacific Islands

Brenna Adams

B.S., Anthropology, North Dakota State University

Brenna is interested in haunted tourism and archaeological tourism.

Travis Barrows

B.S., Sociology, North Dakota State Univrsity

My interest of research is largely gender studies in regards to masculinity, specifically in rap music. Outside of school I spend much of my time at my organic garden.

Daniel Bartholomay

B.S. in Mass Communications, Minnesota State University, Moorhead, MN

My teaching and research interests largely pertain to the exploration of social inequalities, particularly within the realms of gender, sexuality, family and health.

Mitchell Calkins

B.S., Sociology, Political Science and Community Development - NDSU

As a Fargo native, I have come to deeply care about the vitality and well-being of this city. That is why my research interests are rural/urban sociology and community development. I am particularly interested in examining the social dynamics that surround controversial land development projects. Other research interests include the use of Community Capitals Framework in neighborhood revitalization efforts and the particular socioeconomic environment for today's young adults (the "Millennials").

Jenna Clawson

B.A., Anthropology, Minnesota State University - Moorhead

My hometown is Plentywood, Montana.  I am a graduate student in Anthropology with a cultural emphasis. Currently, my research and focus is on the Human Terrain System and the controversial employment of social scientists in the military.

Alex Finken

B.S., Sociology, NDSU

Stephanie Hinrichs

B.A., Sociology, North Dakota State University

I am from Mandan, ND and became interested in sociology during my second year of college. Some of my favorite areas and subjects to study are sociological theory, feminist theories and its connectedness to race relations and minorities.


Dominique Karlsson

B.S., University of Minnesota, Morris

Clayton Knudson

B.S., Anthropology, North Dakota State University

My area of interest is archaeology.

Jennie Lazarus

B.A., Sociology, Wichita State University

My hometown is Webb City, Missouri. My current research interest are in medical sociology as it relates to rural communities, environmental sociology and applied demographics.

Nolita Motu


B.A., Anthropology, University of Hawaii-Hilo

Originally from American Samoa, I lived in Hawaii for the last 2 years while attending school.  I moved to Fargo in 2013 for graduate school.  I am interested in Pacific Studies, Oceania archaeology, and cultural anthropology.



Amanda Nordick

B.S., Anthropology & Public History, North Dakota State University

I am a graduate student in Anthropology with a Cultural Heritage emphasis. My undergraduate work was here at NDSU, in Anthropology and also Public History. I have always had a love for the past, as well as unique cultures; which is why I was drawn to anthropology. I am very interested in cultural heritage materials/ artifacts and how we use and preserve them. I have volunteered for the Institute of Regional Studies & University Archives; where I have worked with many different materials/ artifacts in both conservation and preservation techniques.  I grew up near St. Cloud, MN and also lived in AZ for a few years. I am finally back here, in the Midwest and loving it.

Chad Olson

B.A., Anthropology, North Dakota State University

Chad is interested in cultural heritage and religion.

Jonix Owino



Jennifer Pruett

B.S., Sociology and Public Relations, NDSU

My research interests include organizations and families. I would like to study mothers in the work lace and their experience with performing dual roles as employee and mother/wife.



Audrey Putz

B.S., Sociology, North Dakota State University

I graduated from NDSU with a Bachelor's in sociology and minored in Women & Gender Studies and History. My research interests are in community development, gender and local food systems.

Matthew Radermacher

B.S., Anthropology, Minnesota State University Moorhead

My interests include bison behavior and ecology and their relationship with human hunters on the northwestern plains.

Nathan Smith

B.S. in Anthropology, North Dakota State University

I am interested in Oceanic archaeology, specifically in Polynesia and the islands of Samoa. I hope to do my research on the sourcing of volcanic glass found from excavations on the islands of Ofu and Tutuila in American Samoa.

Brett Tanselle

B.A., Anthropology, Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Brett is interested in ceramics of North America, living history, cultural heritage management, lithic analysis and geographic information systems.

Muhabbat Yakubova

Tajik State Pedagogical University

I joined NDSU, Sociology Department in fall of 2012. My research interest began from my graduate assistantship work. I am conducting research on "effects of the Civil War on the Education System of Tajikistan" under the guidance of Dr. Whitsel.



Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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