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Soil Science


Dr. Ann-Marie Fortuna
Assistant Professor-Soil Health

Office: 249 Walster Hall, Box 6050
Phone: 701-231-7993
Fax: 701-231-7861

Ph.D., Michigan State University (Soil Science), 2001
M.S., University of Kentucky (Soil Science), 1994
B.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1989

Professional Experience
2012 - present  Assistant Professor of Soil Health, North Dakota State University
2007 -  2012  Assistant Professor/Scientist of Soil Biology, Washington State University
2003 – 2007  Research Associate, USDA-ARS, New England Plant, Soil & Water Lab, University of Maine
2001 – 2002  Research Associate, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, MSU
1995 – 2001  Research Assistant, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, MSU
Fall 1996  Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Crop Science
1995 - 1997  Operation and maintenance of direct current plasma (DCP)
1992 - 1994  Research Assistant, Agronomy Department, University of Kentucky

Research Interests
Microbial and soil process regulating nutrient cycling, soil health and global climate change in agricultural and grassland systems. Use of soil health indicators as a measure of the effectiveness of remediation and land management strategies in saline and sodic soils.

Honors and Awards:
1999   C.S Mott Fellow Doctoral Award in Sustainable Agriculture
1992   Inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta, an honorary society of agriculture

Refereed Publications
(*senior author or principal investigator)

Publications listed on Web of Science

  1. Cogger, C.G., A.I. Bary, A.C. Kennedy, and A.-M. Fortuna. 2013. Long-term crop and soil response to biosolids applications in dryland wheat. J. Environ. Qual. 42:1872–1880. doi:10.2134/jeq2013.05.0109.
  2. Gollany, H.T., A. Fortuna, M. K. Samuel, F. L. Young, W.L. Pan, and M. Pecharko. 2013. Soil organic carbon accretion vs. sequestration using physicochemical fractionation and CQESTR simulation. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., doi:10.2136/sssaj2012.0303.
  3. Cogger, C.G., A.I. Bary, E. A. Myhre, and A. Fortuna. 2013. Biosolids applications to tall fescue have long-term influence on soil nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus. J. Environ. Qual.42:516-522., doi:10.2134/jeq2012.0269
  4. Saunders O.E., A. Fortuna*, J.H. Harrison, C.G. Cogger, E. Whitefield , and T. Green. 2012. Gaseous nitrogen and bacterial responses to raw and digested dairy manure applications in incubated soil. Environ. Sci. Technol., Nov 6;46(21):11684-92. doi: 10.1021/es301754s.
  5. Saunders, O.E., A. Fortuna*, J.H. Harrison, C.G. Cogger, L. Whitefield, A. Kennedy, and A. Bary. 2012. Comparison of raw dairy manure slurry and anaerobically digested slurry as N sources for grass forage production. Invited paper International Journal of Agronomy. 2012:1-10, doi:10.1155/2012/101074
  6. Lawson, A.J., A. Fortuna*, C.G. Cogger, A. Bary, and T.L. Stubbs. 2012. Nitrogen contribution   of rye-hairy vetch cover crop blends to organically grown sweet corn. Renew. Agric. Food Sys. August: 1-11. doi: 10.1017/S1742170512000014
  7. Maketon, C., A. Fortuna, and P.A. Okubara. 2012. Cultivar-dependent transcript accumulation in wheat roots colonized by Pseudomonas fluorescens Q8r1-96 wild type and mutant strains. BCON 60:216-224. doi: 10.1016/j.biocontrol.2011.11.002
  8. Fortuna, A.*, K. Gunning and C.W. Honeycutt. 2012. Comparison of DGGE and microarray technologies for the detection of 16S rDNA obtained from betaproteobacterial ammonia-oxidizers. Soil Sci. 177(3):172-183. doi: 10.1097/SS.0b013e31823ea2a6
  9. Fortuna A.*, C.W. Honeycutt, G. Vandemark, T.S. Griffin, R.P. Larkin, Z. He, B.J. Wienhold, K. R. Sistani, S.L. Albrecht, B.L. Woodbury, H.A. Torbert, J.M. Powell, R.K. Hubbard, R.A. Eigenburg, R.J. Wright, R. Alldredge, and  J. Harsh. 2012. Links among nitrogen cycling, nitrifier communities and edaphic properties in contrasting soils receiving dairy slurry. J. Environ. Qual. 41:1-11. doi: 10.2134/jeq2011.0202.
  10. Fortuna, A.* 2012. The Soil Biota. Nature Education Knowledge 3(10):1
  11. Saunders, O.E., J.H. Harrison, A. Fortuna, L. Whitefield, and A. Bary. 2011 Effect of anaerobic digestion and application method on the presence and survivability of E. coli and fecal coliforms in dairy waste applied to soil. Water Air Soil Poll. (24 August 2011), pp. 1-9, doi:10.1007/s11270-011-0923-5.
  12. Fortuna, A.*, T.L. Marsh and C.W. Honeycutt. 2011. Use of primer selection and restriction enzymes to assess bacterial community diversity in an agricultural soil used for potato production via terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 2011 Aug;91(4):1193-1202. doi: 10.1007/s00253-011-3363-7.
  13. Stubbs, T.L., A.C. Kennedy and A. Fortuna. 2010. Using NIRS to predict fiber and nutrient content of Dryland cereal cultivars.  J. Agric. Food Chem. 58(1):398-403, doi:10.1021/jf9025844.
  14. He, Z., D.C. Olk, C. W. Honeycutt, and A. Fortuna. 2009. Enzymatically- and ultraviolet-labile phosphorus in humic acid fractions from rice soils. Soil Sci. 174(2):81-87, doi: 10.1097/SS.0b013e3181981dc5.
  15. Fortuna, A.*, R.L. Blevins, W.W. Frye, J. Grove and P. Cornelius. 2008. Sustaining soil quality with legumes in no-tillage systems. Comm. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 39:1680–1699, doi: 10.1080/00103620802073628.
  16. Olk, D.C., A. Fortuna and C.W. Honeycutt. 2008. Using anion chromatography−pulsed    amperometry to measure amino compounds in dairy manure-amended soils. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 72:1711-1720, doi:10.2136/sssaj2007.0420.
  17. He, Z., B.J Cade-Menun., G.S. Toor, A. Fortuna, C.W. Honeycutt, J. Sims. 2007. Comparison of phosphorus forms in wet and dried animal manures by solution phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and enzymatic hydrolysis. J. Environ. Qual. 36:1086-1095, doi:10.2134/jeq2006.0549.
  18. He, Z., A. Fortuna , Senwo , Z.N., Tazisong, I. A. , Honeycutt, C. W. , and T.S. Griffin. 2006. Hydrochloric fractions in Hedley fractionation may contain inorganic and organic phosphates. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 70:893-899, doi:10.2136/sssaj2005.0152.
  19. Fortuna, A.*, P.E. Rieke, D.E. Karcher, B. Leinauer, and L.W. Jacobs. 2005. Kentucky Bluegrass response to use of aquatic plants as a soil amendment. Hort Science 40(1):237-241.
  20. Fortuna, A.*, R.R. Harwood, G.P. Robertson, J.W. Fisk, and E.A. Paul. 2003. Seasonal changes in nitrification potential associated with application of N fertilizer and compost in maize systems of southwest Michigan. Agric. Ecosyst. Environ. 97, 285-293,
  21. Fortuna, A.*, R.R. Harwood, K. Kizilkaya, and E.A. Paul. 2003. Optimizing nutrient availability and potential carbon sequestration in an agroecosystem. Soil Biol. Biochem. 35, 1005-1013,
  22. Fortuna, A.*, E.A. Paul, and R.R. Harwood. 2003. The effects of compost and crop rotations on carbon turnover and the particulate organic matter fraction. Soil Sci. 168(6):434-444.
  23. Snapp, S.S., and A. Fortuna. 2003. Predicting nitrogen availability in irrigated potato systems.  HortTechnology 13(4):598-604.

Professional Development
CPAg, Certified Professional Agronomist, Cert. No. 35699
CSSc, Certified Professional Soil Scientist, Cert. No. 35699
Certified Ecologist, Ecological Society of America

Professional Affiliations
ASA, American Society of Agronomy; SSSA, Soil Science Society of America
ESA, Ecological Society of America; ASM, American Society for Microbiology
, American Geophysical Union

Recently Awarded Grant
Fortuna A.,
R. Turco, C.G. Cogger, D. Collins, A. Bary and A. Stone. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Soil Quality in Long-term Integrated and Transitional Reduced Tillage Organic Systems.  USDA-AFRI, Integrated Research, Education, and Extension Competitive Grants Program – Organic Transitions (ORG) August 2011 $745,950.
(Awarded an additional $6,800,000 in collaboration as a Co-PI)

Teaching (Current NDSU)
Soil Ecology (2013, 2014)

Teaching (Previously WSU)
Soil Microbiology & Biochemistry (2007, 2008, 2010)
Current Research in Sustainable & Organic Agriculture (2008, 2010)
Soil-Plant-Microbial Interactions (2009, 2011)
Soil Biology (2010)

Student PI Grant
Pecharko , M. and A. Fortuna. Mitigation of Reactive N and Greenhouse Gas Losses via Manure Management and Microbial Processes. CAHNRS Undergraduate Research & Creative Project for 2011-2012 Grant Proposal. $1,250.

Professional Service
Chair Committee on Organic & Sustainable Agriculture, ASA, ACS238 (2009-10, 2011-12) member (2008-present).
Chair NCERA 059, Soil Organic Matter: Formation, Function, & Management, 2011. Led committee renewal in 2010 (2006-present).
Committee SCC083: Quantifying the linkages among soil health, organic farming, and food. (2010-present)
Student Speech Contest Committee, ASA, A449.3 (2008-10)
ASA Fellows Committee, ASA (2006-08)
Search Committee for the Professor of Wheat Breeding & Genetics Search #4866, spring 2008
Future Cougars of Color Program Participant, 2008
S.E. Clark Lectureship Committee, SSSA, S-3 Division (2005-07)
Seeds Mentor, Ecological Society of America, 2006

Invited Presentations

  • R. Dick and A. Fortuna. 2011. Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry after 75 Years: Back to the Future. Oct. 18th SSSA, San Antonio, TX. 
  • Fortuna, A. 2008. Linking process level function and beta-ammonia oxidizer community dynamics across varying soil type and management. Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.

Graduate Students




Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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